TikTok: Have Gero and Paeka broke up? Drama explained!

Screenshot from @ssppamerr TikTok

TikTok content creators Gero and Paeka have broken up and social media is going crazy after their collaborative content is deleted. The cute couple had masses of supporters who are now heartbroken about the split.

Gero and Paeka recently took to social media to announce their separation, below we explain all you need to know about the couple’s breakup.

Who are Gero and Paeka?

Gero and Paeka are social media stars who create content on various platforms such as TikTok and Youtube.

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Their relationship began in October 2019, and after spending over one year together, the pair have now separated.

The couple owns a joint Youtube channel named Gero & Paeka which currently has 233K subscribers.

Although the channel now has no videos, presumably due to the breakup, it would usually be full of fun content such as prank and vlog footage.

Despite having now deleted their posts, the pair were also on Instagram as @geroandpaeka and managed to gain 45.4K followers.

Paeka Campos is an 18-year-old social media star from America.

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Paeka has privatised her TikTok account (@paekadegallo), meaning content is inaccessible without a request approval.

On Instagram as @paekaaa, Paeka has 432K followers and an account full of fancy images of herself.

Her personal Youtube channel (Paeka Campos) has 87.4K subscribers and she often uploads content involving fun activities such as transformation videos.

Gero is aged 21-years-old and was born and raised in Texas, USA.

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@gerohanirias often uploads TikTok content including dance challenges and new trends.

Gero’s Instagram account (@gerohanirias) currently has 65K followers and heaps of content including images of himself.

Check out Gero and Paeka on their socials!

Have Gero and Paeka broke up?

The popular couple recently announced their breakup on social media.

Paeka took to her Instagram story to post a lengthy message publicising the news.

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Within the paragraph, she addressed the speculations and stated:

“Gerohan & I broke up.”

The TikTok creator reported that the pair have decided to deal with this privately, away from social media, in order to heal and focus on self-love.

Both of the creators have deleted all social media content that contained their previous partner.

As formerly mentioned, the couple have also removed their joint Youtube channel videos.

For further information, a Youtube channel named Ayisha Knowledge uploaded a video briefly explaining the breakup.

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After being inactive on social media for a while, a supporter commented on Gero’s most recent TikTok upload expressing their sadness.

@broughttoyoubydinamitas used a point-of-view to imply her sorrow in the statement:

“Pov: you’ve given up on love🥲”

Heartbroken TikTok responses

A popular TikTok hashtag, #geroandpaeka, currently has 2.9 million followers and is now filled with content surrounding the breakup.

With a large online audience, the couple were admired by many, meaning that their separation has left supporters saddened.

TikTok user named @crystalll.garcia expressed her disappointment in a recent upload.

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Another supporter, @szaneese, also implied her sadness in a TikTok video.

Since the reason for their breakup is still unknown, @mykayaa17 commented her assumption:

“it’s gotta be social media…it ruins everything 😔”

@angie.loves.you.too begged for the news to be false as she labelled the couple as her favourite in the whole entire world.

@ssppamerr is another supporter who hoped for the news to be incorrect.

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So, do you think the couple will reunite?

Check out Gero and Paeka on social media to find out more about the pair!