What is the hamster cult pfp on TikTok? Bizarre trend explained!

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TikTok constantly features new trends, but the hamster cult profile picture trend is storming the app as viewers are loving this bizarre craze. Dedicating your account to content surrounding this small rodent seems to be the latest hype!

First of all the Lana Del Rey cult was taking over the app, could the new hamster cult now be taking the lead? Continue reading below to find out all you need to know about the hamster cult on TikTok!

What is the hamster pfp cult?

Changing your profile picture (pfp) to a particular image of a hamster seems to be the new craze on TikTok.

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Doing so enables users to be part of the so-called ‘hamster cult’.

Being part of this bizarre TikTok ‘cult’ involves sharing content surrounding hamsters and spamming other members of the group.

Below is an example of crazy TikTok notifications that occur once joining the clique.

A user named @dreaming.mills shared a video showing what happened as they joined.

The upload features screenshots of her notifications which include masses of followers with the same profile picture.

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The popular TikTok hashtag #hamstercult currently has 41.5 million views and features content uploaded by the hamster cult.

Although not as popular, another hashtag (#hamstergang) also has 8.1 million views.

TikTok users are now encouraging their fellow viewers to join the cult.

@auzety uploaded video containing footage of a hamster, urging people to get involved.

Are you part of the hamster pfp cult?

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Hamster cult TikTok examples

Members of the hamster cult are now sharing TikTok content surrounding their love for hamsters and the extent they will go to in order to please them.

A TikTok user, @mermaidhamster, gained 2.4 million views on a video showing their response to a hamster wanting chocolate ice-cream.

Similarly, @hamster.46 suggested that they would go to great lengths in order to provide their hamster with chocolate desert.

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Another user, @ixmblink, also claimed they would happily satisfy their hamster’s hunger-needs.

Aside from food, @classychxrs even demonstrated that they would build a swimming pool for their hamster.



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Hamster and Lana Del Rey pfp cult rivalry

Since the Lana Del Rey pfp cult began trending on TikTok before the hamster cult, it seems as though the hamster gang have built some conflict between the two.

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TikTok user named @ahw.lexi created a video that featured both of the opposing cults.

Within the upload, the user labels the hamster cult as the ‘God Side☺️’, in comparison to the Lana cult which is named the ‘Devil Side👿’.

@.every1lovesella uploaded a video stating that they are unable to be-friend someone with the Lana Del Rey profile picture, as opposed to the hamster pfp.

Another user, @hamsterrrcultz shared an upload implying that if a member of the Lana cult was to touch them, they would have to thoroughly cleanse themselves.

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So, which cult are you going to be part of?

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