What is the Lana Del Rey snuff spoon necklace? TikTok trend explained!

Screenshot from @cinnamon.gal TikTok

Lana Del Rey has previously released some pretty suspicious merchandise, and fans are now wondering if it could be making a return. The American artist is well-known for exploring dark topics in her music – but this is shocking!

So, what is this strange product? Continue reading to find out what the hype is all about surrounding the Lana Del Rey snuff spoon necklace!

What is the Lana Del Rey snuff spoon necklace?

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, professionally known as Lana Del Rey, is an American singer-songwriter.

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Rumours are spiralling the internet as fans speculate that Lana Del Rey may be releasing merchandise which can be used for illegal substances.

Lana’s music is known for exploring themes of sadness, tragic romance, glamour and melancholia – so it’s no surprise that the artist would embed such heavy concepts into her products.

Years ago, the singer promoted a product range for fans, and people were convinced it had a somewhat illegal feature.

The necklace was made up of a hollow heart decorated with the initials ‘LDR’ on one side and a snake on the opposite.

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Now that Lana Del Rey is trending all over TikTok, with supporters supposedly forming some kind of ‘cult’ – fans are hoping for the necklace to make a return.

Popular TikTok hashtag, #lanadelreynecklace, currently has 5.1 million views and is full of content featuring the famous piece of jewellery.

TikTok user, @jamesfleamontpotter, shared her temptation as she contemplates purchasing the necklace second-hand for over 300 dollars.

Crazy social media response to the necklace

Erica (@fairyyy333), expressed her desperation for the necklace as she featured images of it along with an irritated audio.

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Over on Twitter, @lzgtskllz called out for help as she searched for the necklace.

Another Twitter user, @whosgontellmeno, also tweeted stating that she needs the merchandise.

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Aside from the fans longing to own this piece of jewellery, the individuals who do are feeling pretty lucky right now.

TikTok creator and owner of this possession, @pearlabeth, uploaded footage of the necklace with the caption:

“my biggest flex is owning this necklace”


my biggest flex is that I own this necklace #lanadelrey #lana #ldr #lizzygrant

♬ original sound – lana vids

@myboobies included screenshots of the ridiculously priced locket in a TikTok upload.

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Another Lana Del Rey fan, @jerseyshorewhoreee, uploaded a TikTok expressing her pure excitement regarding the speculations about the necklace.

Kayleigh captioned her video with the statement:

“When Lana is coming out with an album right before hot girl summer and might be dropping the spoon necklace”


When Lana is coming out with an album right before hot girl summer and might be dropping the spoon necklace #lanadelrey #lanastan #lanacult

♬ Radio – Sad sounds🪐

User, @meowkitty187, commented on the video by quoting:

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“I don’t think you understand I NEED that necklace”

Check out social media content featuring the Lana Del Rey snuff spoon necklace to find out more!