TikTok song: When I Start Drinking My Dick Does All My Thinking – lyrics and crazy examples!

Screenshot from @omg_haylieeee TikTok

TikTok’s new trending song involves the derogatory lyrics ‘when I start drinking my dick does all my thinking’ but creators are loving it!

Many women on the app have admitted that the audio allows them to express their kink for degradation.

Read below to find out what the hype is all about surrounding this TikTok song and where it came from!

What is the ‘When I Start Drinking’ TikTok song?

‘Everywhere I Go’ is a popular hard rock song by Hollywood Undead which was released in 2008.

The now – popular TikTok sound was uploaded onto the app by @amanduhhhpls and has now featured in 54.9K videos.

Everywhere I Go is part of the rock band’s album named ‘Swan Songs’, which contains 14 songs in total.

The song which has now blew-up on the TikTok app (Everywhere I Go) currently has 100,322,481 total-plays on Spotify.

Having been uploaded onto Youtube 11 years ago, the song’s music video now has 44 million views along with 305K likes.

Meaning of the lyrics

While the tune of the audio can be quite catchy, the lyrics actually contain derogatory expressions.

The most popular lyric contains the phrase:

“When I start drinking, My dick does all my thinking”

This explicit remark suggests the singer’s sense of awareness is lost as he begins to drink and can come across as very harmful.

While singing about women, the band then collectively labels the gender using an offensive term which is used to describe females who have many casual sexual encounters or relationships.

The Hollywood Undead singer then proceeds to express his love for a particular feature of women’s bodies as he states:

“I like their big fake titties”

Overall, these lyrics imply that all respect for women is lost when males are intoxicated.

For more information regarding the song-lyrics, the website Genius.com have uploaded a full version.

Crazy TikTok examples using the audio

The popular audio seems to have been used to create various types of content on the video-sharing platform.

A lot of this song’s content involves women claiming that it enables them to ditch their feminist-values and admit that they have a kink for degradation.

TikTok creator named Grace (@beetlepinpsidepiece) uploaded a video showing that she had created a Spotify playlist named ‘songs i put my feminism on hold for’.

As well as being included in the playlist, the upload also featured the ‘when I start drinking’ audio.


repost cos i changed the cover

♬ original sound – amanduh

Another user named Amber McCuen (@discountfireball) expressed her confidence-boost when listening to only a few seconds of this audio.

She jokingly added the stereotypical phrase that represents misogynistic males, claiming that she might go out and harass women.

Creator with 527.9K followers, @omg_haylieeee, recently featured the song in her thirst-trap video.

Hailee captioned her upload explaining that girls and gays seem to love these uploads.


All my girls and gays seem to love the thirst traps. Thoughts??🤭👅✨

♬ original sound – amanduh

User @ellielewis.x boldly instructed females to ‘stop pretending’ that this song is the only time their feminist values do not exist.

She admitted that she also has a degradation kink; meaning she sometimes prefers to be submissive as opposed to dominant.

Ellie’s upload now has 44.9K likes with a comment section full of mutual-feeling users.

TikTok user @bbykec with only 400 followers, gained 137.0K views along with 33.0K likes on her upload whereby she also used the song to express her confidence.

The creator stated that her new coping mechanism is acting like a boy.

Kaylie captioned her video which featured the audio claiming:

“This song makes me too confident”

Go ahead and check out the ‘When I Start Drinking’ TikTok song for yourself!