Call Her Daddy podcast: Who is Mr Sexy Zoom man and is he real?

Screenshot from @callherdaddy TikTok

Listeners of the Call Her Daddy podcast are wondering; who is Mr Sexy Zoom man and is this love-story real?

Mr Sexy Zoom man has been mentioned within the popular podcast show for months.

Continue reading below to find out all about the famous Call Her Daddy podcast and if this love-story is real!

What is the Call Her Daddy podcast?

Call Her Daddy podcast was launched by Alex Cooper with her friend and co-host Sofia Franklin in 2018.

The podcast contains no-filter information surrounding s*x, relationships and much more, it’s bio reads:

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“Follow along Alex Cooper and the Daddy Gang as they exploit the details of their lives, making you feel a hell of a lot better about yours.”

Having initially been created independently, the podcast is now produced by Barstool Sports.

Call Her Daddy Youtube channel currently holds 348K subscribers and includes shortened footage of the podcast recordings.

A compilation of footage was most recently uploaded onto the channel which contains the best moments of Call Her Daddy in 2020.

On Instagram as @callherdaddy, the podcast’s account has 1.7 million followers with lots of content including preview clips from podcast recordings.

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The account also includes posts containing funny memes/images/videos that relate to the podcast, as well as updates on the Call Her Daddy platform.

Podcaster and internet star, Alexandra Cooper, has a huge audience on social media with 2 million followers on Instagram only (@alexandracooper).

Alex also uploads vlogging-content onto her own Youtube channel (Alexandra Cooper).

Who is Mr Sexy Zoom man?

At the beginning of every podcast episode, Alex Cooper updates her listeners on things happening within her life.

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A particular relationship-situation surrounding someone referred to as Mr Sexy Zoom man was first introduced to Call Her Daddy months ago.

The mysterious man was then included onto the CHD podcast’s merchandise range which featured a list of all the partners Alex has mentioned on the show, printed onto clothing.

Alexandra also continuously embeds the story of Mr Sexy Zoom man into her own content.

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She recently took to Youtube to announce that she now has a boyfriend.

At the end of the vlog, Alex includes slides which elaborate on the situation; stating that live footage featuring Mr Sexy Zoom man will soon be uploaded.

Screenshot from Alexandra Cooper Youtube video

The star also claimed that her latest podcast episode titled ‘I HAVE A BOYFRIEND’ explains the full story.

Is Mr Sexy Zoom man real?

Despite this situation being mentioned in the Call Her Daddy podcast episodes for a long time, some listeners are still curious as to whether Mr Sexy Zoom man is even real.

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Alex’s mysterious partner is yet to be visibly shown within her content but her long-awaited vlog footage will hopefully provide some clarity for viewers.

Reddit users are constantly debating the truth-fullness of this topic.

Members of this discussion website regularly post updated content onto the Official Sub for Call Her Daddy and Mr Sexy Zoom man has been a popular subject for a while.

While examining the legitimacy of this scenario, Reddit user @Sunscreen_Luver stated:

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“I honestly don’t even feel like he’s even real. The way that she put him on merch after “knowing” him for 2 seconds doesn’t sit right with me…”

Go ahead and check out Alexandra Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast as well as over on her social media platforms to find out more.

Decide for yourself; is who is Mr Sexy Zoom man?