Who is Slim Shady? Alex Cooper and her mysterious lovers!

Screenshot from @callherdaddy TikTok

Podcast host, Alexandra Cooper, has previously informed listeners of a mysterious lover named Slim Shady – his identity is yet to be confirmed!

Supporters are curious as to who Slim Shady really is as Alex recently announces news of current boyfriend.

Continue reading to find out who Slim Shady could be and more about Alex Cooper’s mysterious love life!

Alex Cooper and her mysterious love life

Alexandra Cooper is a 26-year-old content creator from the USA (Instagram: @alexandracooper).

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As the host of the popular podcast show, Call Her Daddy, Alex is known for providing her audience with completely un-censored, explicit-verbal content.

The podcaster has always been transparent with her listeners regarding her life; continuously updating supporters on her relationship-situations.

She has introduced multiple men onto her platform – without confirming their identity.

Door #3, Mr Sexy Zoom man, The Canadian and Slim Shady are all the invented names of men that Alex has mentioned to her audience.

Managed by Barstool Sports, Call Her Daddy also offer a range of branded merchandise.

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After introducing these four mysterious lovers onto her podcast, Alexandra did not hesitate to include them in her merchandise range.

Made-up names of the men can be found printed onto the back of clothing labelled as the Boyfriend World Tour.

Who is Slim Shady?

One of the mystery lovers was referred to as Slim Shady; whose actual identity is yet to be confirmed.

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Alex has dropped numerous hints on her platforms that suggest Slim Shady could be an athlete.

Professional American baseball pitcher, Noah Syndergaard, is thought to be Slim Shady after listeners piece information together.

Syndergaard and Cooper are previous partners; The Post has reported that they started dating in 2017.

After dating on and off, Syndergaard somewhat dramatically announced the end of their relationship in December 2017.

Reddit user @_sayyestotacos responded to a question regarding this on the discussion website, listing various information that associates Noah Syndergaard with Slim Shady.

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Alex supposedly met Slim Shady through Instagram direct messages.

Another Reddit user @Kylie13571 pointed out the fact that Slim Shady lives in Instagram DMs – and therefore they must have met there!

News of Alex supposedly dating the professional sportsman gained lots of media attention.

The pair had news sites reporting on the speculations, such as Page Six, who stated that Alex denied Syndergaard as the “ex” she was discussing.

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Social media supporters also commented on the news.

Twitter user, @linds_eyf, passionately expressed her shock in a capitalised tweet from October 2020.

Who do you think Slim Shady could be?

Alexandra Cooper boyfriend annoucement

Call Her Daddy’s once ‘single-father, Alex Cooper’ is officially taken!

The podcast host recently announced that she now has a boyfriend and claims that footage of the mystery man will soon be shared!

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A recent vlog was uploaded onto Alex’s Youtube channel (Alexandra Cooper) where she made the huge announcement.

One of her mystery lovers, Mr Sexy Zoom man, is supposedly Alex’s current boyfriend, as she boldly states at the end of her Youtube video.

Of course, Alex also announced this information onto her podcast show (Call her Daddy), in her episode titled ‘I HAVE A BOYFRIEND’.

Go ahead and check out Alexandra Cooper over on her social media platforms as well as the Call Her Daddy podcast and decide for yourself…

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Who is Slim Shady?