TikTok: ‘Wanna See Me’ Fortnite dance – How to get the emote!

Screenshot from @nonmythicalunicorns TikTok

Fortnite has released a new emote which includes the ‘Wanna See Me’ TikTok dance and gaming users are loving it!

The ‘wanna see me do my dance’ song is once again spiralling the app in hilarious uploads!

Continue reading to find out what the hype is about regarding this new emote and how you can get it on Fortnite!

What is the ‘Wanna See Me’ TikTok dance?

The ‘Wanna See Me’ TikTok dance has been around for a while now.

Popular song lyrics “wanna see me do my dance” feature in this viral trend and creators seem to love the simple dance!

TikTok user @rydelfunk uploaded a video of her doing the dance back in September 2020!


comment a ✈️ if u want my dad do to this dance with me 😂 #fyp #wannaseemedomydance

♬ Whole Lotta Choppas – Sada Baby

#wannaseeme has 339.8K views as users have been sharing their attempts at completing this dance for a while.

This TikTok dance is now being featured as an emote in the online gaming platform, Fortnite, and users are loving it!

An emote is a way to express yourself on the battlefield in many bizarre ways.

Below is a Youtube video uploaded by Gnejs Gaming which includes real footage of the Fortnite ‘Wanna See Me’ dancing emote.

Emotes are cosmetic items available in Battle Royale and Save The World that can be everything from dances to taunts to holiday themed.

These can be purchased in the Item Shop using V-Bucks or unlocked in the Battle Pass.

A new hashtag, #fortnitewannaseeme, now has over 6K views as gamers are having fun sharing this new emote!

How to get this emote on Fortnite

The Wanna See Me dance emote is now available for all Fortnite players across all platforms.

However, in order to use this emote on the online game, a transaction of 500 V Bucks is required.

TikTok user with 13.4K followers, @braniyt, often shares content containing the latest Fortnite features.

The gamer recently uploaded a video whereby they express their excitement for the new TikTok artist emote and show viewers how to get it.

As a gaming content creator, Brani has also uploaded a Youtube video explaining how to get the new ‘wanna see me’ emote in Fortnite.

With 279K subscribers on the Youtube channel (Brani), Brani has already reached 3.8K views on this video.

Brani explains the simple instructions that enable the use of the new Fortnite emote, even including discount codes!

The gamer also offers his viewers the chance to be gifted the popular emote.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out this new Fortnite feature!

Hilarious TikTok examples

TikTok users have used footage from the online game to show their viewers Fortnite’s latest feature.

Account dedicated to gaming, @nanacool8, used the new ‘wanna see me’ emote in a recent upload.

This upload has now gained 26.2K views along with 5322 likes.


New “Wanna see me” Emote. Use Code nanacool8 to cop the new emote #ad #nanacool8 #fortnite #fortnitedance

♬ Whole Lotta Choppas – Sada Baby

TikTok user @goldendonutz commented on the video referring to the new emote with the statement:

“This is just one of those emotes we didn’t know we needed 😂, also congrats on 2.5 mil 🥳”

Another user, @code_brenden, reached 6022 views and over 1K likes on their TikTok upload which features the popular emote.


The “Wanna See Me” Dance is now in Fortnite! Remember to cop with code “Brenden” 🔥 #fortnite #fortnitedance #viral #code_brenden

♬ Whole Lotta Choppas – Sada Baby

Gamer girl @notmythicalunicorns, danced along to the viral song with Fortnite characters in her recent upload.

This video now has over 5K views and more-than 300 likes.

Gamer, @sn1p3rrr, gained 2840K views along with 468 likes on an upload containing the ‘wanna see me’ dance.

Go ahead and check out the brand new Fortnite emote and have fun doing the ‘wanna see me’ dance!