How to get the NBA Filter on Instagram and TikTok!

Screenshot from @iamsaucee TikTok

TikTok’s latest trending filter can be found on Instagram and involves creating your own NBA basketball team.

Basketball fans are loving this trend as they post their results onto the app.

Read below to find out what the hype is all about surrounding this filter and how you can get it!

What is the NBA Instagram Filter?

The popular hashtag #nbafilter currently has 3.8 million views in total.

If you’re wondering what the hype is all about, you’ve came to the right place to find out!

Instagram’s NBA filter randomly chooses from various NBA basketball teams as it provides the user with one in particular.

TikTok users have now taken advantage of this filter by using it to create their own starting five positions of an NBA basketball team.

If you’re not an educated fan of sports, this is referring to the starting lineup on a basketball team which usually comprises five positions.

As a list of five basketball positions are typed onto the TikTok screen, users use the filter footage to assign players from the selected teams to each sporting-role.

Many people have gained heaps of attention when sharing their outcome of the challenge onto the app; with some users disapproving their choices.

How to use the filter on Instagram and TikTok

In order to use this trending filter and upload your results to TikTok, you’re first-of-all going to need to head over to Instagram.

Since the popular filter is not available on TikTok, you’ll have to later on upload the outcome to your account.

Simply open up your Instagram app, click on your story and scroll to ‘Browse effects’ at the far right of the effects options.

Now search for ‘NBA’ and you will be introduced to many similar filters.

Although many of these do the same job, it seems as though the filter created by @_levsarg_ named ‘Your NBA team’ would be a good choice.

Once you’ve hit the ‘Try It’ button, tap the screen while recording yourself and choosing players for their positions as the randomised teams show up.

Now simply save the footage to your camera roll and head over to TikTok.

You’ll need to upload the footage to TikTok and while editing, press ‘Text’ at the bottom of the screen.

This will allow you to type out all five basketball positions and allocate each player to their role.

The positions along with their definitions are listed below.

Point Guard (the player who directs the team’s offence)

Shooting Guard (the player whose chief role is as an outside shooter)

Small Forward (a versatile forward who is effective outside the key as well as near the net)

Power Forward (a large forward who plays in the area near the opposing team’s basket)

Center (player usually plays near the baseline or close to the basket and are usually the tallest players on the floor)

Amazing examples of the NBA filter

TikTok user @iamsaucee shared his NBA team outcome using the trending filter.

His energising attitude proved popular on the app as he has now gained 893.9K views and 156.4K likes, along with the comment section acknowledging his enthusiasm.

19-year-old @izzygarza05 has reached 1.1 million views along with 109.7K likes on her attempt at creating the perfect NBA starting team.

Despite receiving many confused comments regarding Izzy’s choice of PF player, she also received tons of praise since she has so much knowledge surrounding the sport.

Successful basketball team @spurs have since commented on the viral video celebrating the team Izzy supports.

Izzy capitalised her caption as she expressed her pure excitement.


Reply to @spurs BRB WHILE I FANGIRL ANYWAYS GO SPURS GO #gospursgo #sanantonio #sanantoniospurs

♬ Shut up – Alatav

Another TikTok user named @finalyardfootball, uploaded his second attempt at creating a randomised NBA basketball team.

Ryan Clark now has 140.3K views and 12.5K likes on his viral video.

@ty_crain also got involved in the trend and has now reached 406.8K views as well as 46.7K likes.

Along with many others, @grantquadrell took part in the NBA starting five challenge.

With only 6394 followers, this user managed to gain 71.5K views along with over 7K likes on the popular video.

Check out the trending NBA filter on Instagram for yourself and upload your results to TikTok as you piece together your own starting team!