TikTok: ‘The Dave Tea’ kidnappers rumours explained

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There have been rumours circulating on TikTok that there is a secret kidnapping group called ‘The Dave Team’ that has been using TikTok comments and DMs to kidnap people.

Many users have been worried about these kidnappers spreading through TikTok and a user warns people to block any spam accounts they see because they work for ‘The Dave Team’

A video has also gained attention after a report by Yahoo revealed that a woman uploaded a TikTok video of herself almost getting kidnapped while in her car… and this doesn’t seem like a TikTok hoax as many people may claim.

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Background of ‘The Dave Team’ on TikTok

‘The Dave Team’ has been rumoured to be a group of kidnappers who use public social media accounts to carry out their kidnapping. Many comments are suggesting they kidnap kids and adults.

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Many people are also noticing weird spam accounts that like and DM them on TikTok – these are all meant to be part of ‘The Dave Team’ kidnappers.

At the time of writing, these are all rumours and there is no actual idea that there is a group.

The potential kidnap situation explained

However, there were reports of a woman named Hayley West being harassed and nearly kidnapped, as she recorded a TikTok after the incident seeming pretty shocked of what just happened!

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The TikTok has gained over 1.4 million views.

Hayley West shared her experience of nearly getting kidnapped at her local supermarket parking lot in Ohio. She says “I’m literally shaking right now, the weirdest s*** just happened to me,” West said at the beginning of her video. “

This video has stirred the rumours more and the TikTok comments are becoming more suspicious of ‘The Dave Team’ kidnappers involvement. They place a water bottle on her car, a common tactic done by traffickers to lure people out of their car.

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A video from a TikTok user called @ellessb423 saw this video and reacted to the video by advice on how to avoid being kidnapped and all the signs of a kidnapper!

Rumours or real, take the points in this article into consideration and stay safe.