TikTok’s viral Incline Bench Video explained – who is the guy?

Screenshot from Tiktok @ryancrowley97

On TikTok, Larry Wheels posted a terrifying video of Ryan Crowley’s incline bench press attempt.

Who is Ryan Crowley?

Ryan Crowley (or ”Big Rig”) is a 23-year-old British bodybuilder who recently sustained a career-threatening injury during a workout with Larry Wheels.

What happened in TikTok’s Incline Bench Video?

Ryan Crowley tore a chest muscle during an incline bench press.

*warning before watching, it’s kind of gross!*

How is he now?

As Ryan was overseas and a British citizen, his insurance would not cover the procedure. A GoFundMe page was set up, which received over $38,000 in donations.

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However, following the incident, Ryan has had a successful surgery and is now in recovery. He has been able to do some light workouts under the recommendations of his doctor.

Ryan has been shown so much support!

Ryan has been shown a tremendous amount of support over the past few weeks, with crazy GoFundMe donations, heartfelt comments, and videos on TikTok aimed at him.

Below are a few of our favourite TikTok duets:

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I was really about to hit that bit for real but then remembered what happened to that one guy who tried it😖😖😖 #bench #incline #gym #swole

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