TikTok: How tall is @actuallyjosee? Age, friends and Youtube!

Screenshot from @actuallyjosee TikTok

The 19-year-old content creator named @actuallyjosee is currently trending on TikTok as viewers are wondering how tall he really is.

Ever since a website published false information surrounding Jose’s height, he has been responding on TikTok. Continue reading to find out more about Actually Jose’s height and why the confusion began spiralling the internet!

Who is @actuallyjosee?

Jose is a popular TikTok star and social media content creator from the USA.

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At only 19-years-old, @actuallyjosee currently has a total of 655K followers along with 29.2 million likes on TikTok.

His Youtube channel (ActuallyJose) holds 75.2K subscribers and includes content surrounding fun challenges and vlogs.

Jose’s Instagram account (@actuallyjosee) has over 100K followers and includes images of himself and friends.

How tall is @actuallyjosee?

A website named tvguidetime.com published false information on a fact page about Jose.

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The site first of all claimed that Jose was ‘roughly 5′ inches’ tall.

Jose reacted to the height allegation in a TikTok video whereby he included the screenshot from the page.

Screenshot from @actuallyjosee TikTok

The creator again addressed comments regarding his short height in another video containing an aggressive audio.

He captioned this particular video asking his viewers how tall they think he looks.

TikTok user named @v.isolated inappropriately referred to something other than Jose’s height in a comment with the assumption:

“5’2 but that third leg 6’5 🤪🤪🤪”

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Another user, @preeti_km mentioned Jose’s cheeky attitude in their assumption:

“5’3 but attitude 6’3 🥰”

@k.valenzuela00 jokingly called the creator an Umpa Loompa in their comment:

“Not the Umpa Loompa coming after me😥”

The same website then altered the information, claiming that Jose is in-fact 4’9 inches tall.

Jose shared another video which argued with the remarks mocking his height.

Jose then commented on this video stating that he is in fact not 5’3.

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“im not 5’3 for those who believe it😐”

These comments seem to have been going on for a while, below is a dance video which received comments regarding how short he looks.


did yall know @poloboy can dance? 😫😍

♬ original sound – Morgan&Madison❤️

User named @edsonroldan laughed about how short Jose appears to be:

“Jose loooking 2 feet lmao”

So, how tall is Jose?

Unfortunately, Jose is yet to confirm his correct height measurements but we assure you that this information will be provided once found!

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Jose and friends on Youtube and TikTok

The creator lives with various other TikTokers, including Jayco (@jaycoset) and Santea (@santea_).

Jose often features his friends within his content, below are some examples from both Youtube and TikTok.

The hilarious content also includes vlogs of them living together.


did we kill this 😫😏 @santea_ @ayesebastien

♬ Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift – mark

and then there was 2… 😢😢😢 @santea_

♬ sad girl sh – ally

Check out Actually Jose on his various social media platforms to find out more information about the star!

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Will we ever find out Jose’s real height?🤷‍♀️