Meaning of Hold My Milk on TikTok – and hashtag #holdmymilk explained!

Screenshot from TikTok @gotmilk

The hashtag #holdmymilk is the only thing trending on TikTok right now and we are trying to figure out why.

Every once in a while, a hashtag gets really popular on TikTok or Twitter within a day or two and after a few months nobody even remembers it. This hashtag seems to be going through its 10 minutes of fame right now. Let us understand what it means and why it is trending in June of 2021.

If you look up the hashtag on TikTok, #holdmymilk has 4.3 billion views and the videos don’t seem to be following a specific pattern or a challenge.

Even Twitter is getting in on the action and people are using the hashtag to post certain types of videos. But where did this hashtag and the trend come from?

Apparently, this is a promotional campaign of an American organization known as “Got Milk?” who encourages people to drink milk.

Looking at the response of the campaign, we would say that their marketing team is doing a great job. The company was created in 1993 and they have been trying to raise awareness of the benefits of drinking milk as a sports drink since then.

They have taken to TikTok to advertise their agenda and we would say they have succeeded. Let us understand the trend so that you can join in as well.


We see you out there – gettin’ wild –and we’re here to fuel the fun. So come on. Show us what you got. #gotmilk #gotmilkchallenge

♬ got milk challenge – got milk?

Meaning of this trend

‘Got Milk?’ says that milk is the “The original sports drink, since 776 BC” in their bio. They issued a challenge to everyone getting wild out there to show them what they gave got.

On the same day (3rd March 2021), they posted a guide to the challenge. You can check out that video below –


REPOST @katieledecky: It’s an all-new freestyle for the gotmilkchallenge. What can you do without spilling a drop? #gotmilk

♬ got milk challenge – got milk?

Then they left a benchmark of the wild things people should be able to do after drinking milk.


Watching Kai Lightner scale a climbing wall on top of a 30 story building like 🥛👄🥛 #fyp #YGNMFT #gotmilk #climbing #rockclimbing #bouldering

♬ original sound – got milk

After this, a lot of people accepted the challenge and showed the platform what they can do. Everything epic that you can do will be fueled by milk. So to join in on the trend, take a sip of milk, ask someone to hold the glass for you and then do something awesome.

Best TikTok attempts


#HoldMyMilk while Jayden and I battle it out with @gotmilk Think you can beat us? Show us what you can do! #sponsored


Let’s level up! I love starting my day with a refreshing glass of milk! It’s packed with all kinds of good stuff for me😋 #HoldMyMilk @gotmilk #ad


#HoldMyMilk challenge accepted. Now, show me what skills you got! @gotmilk #sponsored


Chug 🥛 chug 🥛 chug 🥛you got this Michaela! #HoldMyMilk #GotMilk #LVLUp #fyp #climbing


Chris Staples really said #HoldMyMilk with style 🏎 💨 #fyp #LVLUp #GotMilk #basketball