What does the green dot on Tinder mean?

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In this day and age, meeting the love of your life on dating apps such as Tinder is growing much more likely. Think about how many Tinder wedding there has been by now, with more than 1,700 photos on Instagram having #tinderwedding on their caption!

Even though concrete figures have not actually been published, businessofapps.com estimates that 50 million people worldwide have a Tinder account which they use daily. That is a lot of people, so a very big pool of fish to fish from.

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So, happy fishing 🎣

What does the green dot on Tinder mean?

  • With the new ‘Likes You’ premium feature, a green dot has also been installed next to the names of any potential matches; which essentially shows who has been online in the last 24 hours.
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If you are not subscribed to Tinder Gold or Premium you will still be able to see the green dot next to the user’s name but all profile photos in the ‘Likes You’ grid will be blurred- unless you pay the 7.49 GBP a month.

What about if I don’t want people to know if I have been active or not recently? Well, don’t you worry. If you want to keep up your mysterious persona, you can do so easily by just turning the “Show Activity Status” toggle bar OFF in the app settings.

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More about the ‘Likes You’ feature

As of recently, the users of the app have been introduced to a Premium feature (meaning you have to have paid for a Gold or Premium Tinder membership to actually use it) called ‘Likes You’.

This feature is very cheeky, and we completely understand why people are buying the privilege of having it, as it actually tells you which profiles have already swiped right on yours! No need for disappointment anymore (unless you do not like anyone who has swiped right).

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You will get a new list of proposed profiles that you already know like you every single day with a distinctive gold border and flying heart icon in their profile; then it is up to you to choose to wither to ‘Like’ or simply ‘Nope’.

Happy swiping🤞.