TikTok: ‘Go little rockstar’ song trend explored with lyrics

Screenshot from YouTube @SALES

The song ‘Go little rockstar’ is making rounds on TikTok so here is how you can join the trend. We have also mentioned the lyrics below for your convenience.

So check out the song details, the best attempts made by Tiktok users on this song, and much more in this article.

About the song ‘Go little rockstar’

The actual name of this song is “Pope is a rockstar” and it was created and sung by an American guitar-based indie-pop band from Florida called “Sales”. It was released in April of 2016 and it has gained well over 7.4 million views till now (10th January 2021).

The song is from the perspective of someone who is tired of fighting so they are walking away from a relationship instead of confronting it. It is quite a relatable song with a slow pace and a melodic voice.

The funny thing about this trend is that instead of singing “Pope is a rockstar”, people are hearing and singing along “Go little rockstar”. This is why we have mentioned the lyrics below so you don’t make that mistake.

Check out how users are joining the trend below in the TikTok attempts and post your video accordingly.

Lyrics and best TikTok attempts

Now he wants to start talking
Go ahead when I’m walking
Face the lie that I’m hawking
No don’t wanna won’t happen


#greenscreenvideo #greenscreen he was a big guy I have to pour a generous amount out. Also in the vid u can hear me say “pour out for jack” 🥲🥲🥲🥲

♬ Pope is a rockstar for all you guys – Big Daddy Jay

Pope is a rockstar (Go Little Rockstar)
You take your clothes off
Heading for the last fight
Before the part of our world

We can wait forever for the world to un track
We can wait forever for the worthwhile track
And oh you want to start talking
Fall together I’m walking

Face the lie that I’m hawking
We can always fight
You can be the highlight
Pope is a rockstar (Go Little Rockstar)

How you wanna start talking
How you wanna start Walking
We can make a landslide, dive in
We can let it all go, cave in

You wanna start talking
You know what I’m walking
Hoping and hoping that i won’t cry
Hoping and hoping that i won’t cry