TikTok: Body shaped like a coke bottle song explored with lyrics

Screenshot from YouTube @Renni Rucci

The audio clip on TikTok that says “Body shaped like a coke bottle” is getting very popular these days. Let’s explore this trend.

TikTok is known for its weird and hilarious trends and this “Body shaped like a coke bottle” is one of them. Get to know the trend so you can also follow it.

Body shaped like a coke bottle lyrics

Name another b*tch rock sh*t like this
Couple rap b*tches try to jock my sh*t
Switch a flow up they can catch this drip
Make a b*tch take note when I pop my sh*t

Ain’t met a n*gga worth chasing yet
If I’m in yo city I made a check
Boy eat this p*ssy like he a vet
His name in my phone under crazy neck
Can’t f*ck with me I’m exclusive b*tch
If I let him hit he gon lose his sh*t

You ain’t my n*gga so cool it trick
Heard he gon bricks that’s a stupid lick
They know my name on rodeo,
Drop big bags they call me ms. Queso
b*tch I’m the boss I put you on payroll
Loving my sauce they eat up this queso

I ain’t tryna be a n*gga wife
Yeah we could kick it but only tonight
b*tch I’m a dog cause this p*ssy bite
I turn a b*Tch from a freak to a dyke
N*gga f*ck ya name where the cash at?
If them pieces hitting I’ma drug that

All my n*ggas know me from cash app
If you tryna cuff gotta show me where the stash at
You b*tches only should rap during christmas
You b*tches washing im doing the dishes
b*tch I’ma ginie I grant n*gga wishing

If it’s a problem I’m currying b*tches
I’m on they head yeah, I’m worrying b*tches
Real trigga happy my finger been itching
You say you real but the people say different
What side you on why yo team keep switching

You’ll writers be tough and you hoes just talking
All on my sh*t yea you hoes is stalking
Baddest b*tch out and these hoes is flocking
I call the bid now these hoes is mocking

Look like a ig model, walk with a waddle
Body shape like cole a bottle
p*ssy stay on full throttle, love it when I swallow
p*ssy real tight like a swottle
F*ck him and won’t even follow back
I don’t like n*ggas with strings attached

Big renni love when he call me that
p*ssy too good I can’t beat him up stat
Listen, talk like this
They love when a real b*tch talk like this
Make a hoe mad how I pop my sh*t
Only real b*tches gon rock with this/

Talk like this, talk like this
They love it when a real b*tch talk like this
Make a hoe mad how I pop my sh*t
Only real b*tches gon rock with this
Talk like


All about the artist – Renni Rucci

This TikTok audio clip is from Renni Rucci’s Talk song. She is a very popular rapper on YouTube (@Renni Rucci) and Spotify.

She has 271 subscribers on YouTube and she is the one who started this trend on TikTok with her song and her videos.

Unfortunately, her personal information is not yet made public but if you know anything, let us know in the comments below.

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♬ this is talk by renni rucci – Tik Toker