TikTok: Titanic Challenge explored with brilliant examples!

Screenshot from @thetfamm TikTok

The Titanic Challenge has been spiralling the internet for a while now, but TikTok’s latest challenge involves performing a Titanic pose with a partner and creators are loving it!

In this article, we explore the latest Titanic Challenge and provide amazing examples. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about the various Titanic Challenges and how you can complete this one!

What is the Titanic Challenge on TikTok?

The Titanic Challenge has been spiralling the internet for years now, which is why there are various versions.

#titanicchallenge is a popular TikTok hashtag, currently with over 250 million views.

Below, we have listed just a few of the many challenges that associate with the Titanic.

Some challenges include singing the famous Titanic song…

Whereas, some challenges involve visiting the Titanic museum…


If you ever go to Pigeon Forge TN go to the titanic museum WORTH IT!!! #fyp #titanic #titanicchallenge #pigeonforge #xyzbca

♬ Titanic – Wedding Music

Another challenge involves reenacting Titanic scenes…

However, the most recent Titanic Challenge consists of performing a tricky dance move with a partner.



The outtakes for this are ridiculous 😂 #couple #foryou

♬ original sound – sakascel

Want to know how to complete this challenge? Keep reading!

How to do the Titanic Challenge on TikTok

In order to complete this Titanic Challenge, you’ll need to ensure you’re ready to get moving.

Grab your partner and make sure they are prepared to use their strength. 💪

To execute this position, your partner will need to stand by your head as you lay in front of them, facing away.

Begin by sitting up, reaching backwards and holding onto your partner’s arms.

Now, rock backwards and roll over. You’ll need all the power you can get!

Once rolled over, place your feet onto the thighs of your partner and stand up straight.

Key information: Your partner will need to keep their knees bent!

Ensure you are tightly holding onto each other and hold your pose!

By watching the bloopers of some brilliant attempts, we can start to figure out how to successfully complete the challenge.

@drumstick12 shared the bloopers from their successful challenge.

@thetfamm also uploaded footage of the hilarious bloopers.


Reply to @nlb685 not the family jewels 🥴😭 #tfam #thetfam #bloopers

♬ original sound – The T Fam

It seems as though positioning is vital, so make sure you know exactly where you’re placing your feet on your partner! #LOL

The grip is also important, so ensure your feet are placed correctly on the thighs of your partner.

Check out various amazing examples below!

Brilliant TikTok examples of the Titanic Challenge

A dancer named @enola.bedard even carried out the Titanic Challenge in public!


Titanic Challenge in public!!! We definitely got some people confused. where should we hit this one next😅

♬ My heart will go on – Raven Skye

TikTok users named @lilyandjoseph_ successfully completed the challenge.

@n.zientek attempted the challenge with her partner.

@lingy_noiid shared funny footage of her attempt at the Titanic Challenge.


We tried the Titanic Challenge!Wait till the end 😂 Full vid on FB @lingynoiid@remorsemg @thetfamm #titanicchallenge #challengeaccepted #fail

♬ original sound – lingy_noiid

@thedailydavidsons admitted that the challenge is not easy in the comment section of their hilarious attempt.

Go ahead and try out the Titanic Challenge for yourself!