“Describe me in pictures” TikTok – where has it come from and how to get involved!

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Screenshot from @ninacruciani on TikTok

Have you seen the new picture videos that are popular on TikTok at the moment and want to get involved? It is one of the simplest trends on TikTok at the moment and the videos are super easy to make!

What is the ‘Describe me in Pictures’ trend on TikTok?

The trend itself is quite self explanatory as there is only a couple of things that you need to do. Though whilst a lot of people seem to do this trend with their significant others, it can be done with your best friends or even family members. The concept of the videos is to ask somebody to describe different aspects of yourself by using pictures or even celebrities and then post the results publically to TikTok. You can choose what you would like to ask, but most people have used aspects of themselves such as personality, sense of humour, intelligence and body type in order to get the results that they want for a video.

Examples of the ‘Describe me in Pictures’ trend

If you still want to have a go at doing this trend with your friends, here are some examples from people who have already posted their attempts –

Some of the results seem to have gone better than others 👀

What song is used in the Picture challenge?

Whilst there isn’t a specific song used in all of the videos, the majority of posts seem to have the audio from an account called ‘favesoundds’ in the background of these videos. With a little bit of research we have found that the full song is actually called ‘Lovefool’ by The Cardigans. If you haven’t heard of them before, the band are from Sweden and have been releasing music since 1992. With their song being used on a TikTok, maybe they will find some new fans in the younger generation?

You can listen to the full song here!