TikTok: Myles Yachts’ “When I walk through” song and challenge explained

Myles Yachts’ has not only come up with an amazing song called “When I walk through” but has also issued a TikTok challenge along with it.

If you want to understand the song or the trend better, keep scrolling. We have also added some of the best attempts of this challenge for your inspiration.

‘When I walk through’ song details

Myles Yachts (@myles_yachts901) is a famous TikToker with about 75k followers. He put out this song in the first week of July with the hashtag #walkthroughchallenge. Within two months time, this hashtag has been used in 206k videos and is on the rise of a full blown trending TikTok challenge.

Myles is a rising star in the YouTube community with 1.2k subscribers. He posted his song on 9th July 2021 and has received 153k views already. The challenge is not easy or too difficult. Anyone with a little bit of practice can repeat the dance choreography of Myles.

Not everybody is using the song for the dance routine. Just like all the other songs, this one is used in background for any kind of videos. The beats of this song are catchy and can be used for any number of dance moves. Check out some of the best and recent attempts at this song below.

Best TikTok attempts

Let us see the attempts by the creator of the song to appreciate the dance moves.

You can show reactions of someone walking through or show what happens when you walk through.

You can do a merry dance at something you accomplished.

Show your audience your most recent reason to be happy and dance around.

Which one was your favorite attempt? Comment below

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