TikTok: Small potatoes song, trend, and lyrics explored!

Screenshot from YouTube @ growingupisnevereasy

The cutest trend on TikTok right now is everyone dancing, singing, and acting out to the theme song of “Small Potatoes”.

Have you heard the song yet? Don’t they have the cutest voice? Let us get to know the song and lyrics in detail and then move on to see how TikTok has turned it into a trend.

All about the Small Potatoes song

Small Potatoes is an animated series made for children and released in 2021. There are four potatoes who sing songs and you can see it on Disney Junior channel. A motion picture was also made based on this series in 2013 called “Meet the Small Potatoes”.

The series is created by Josh Selig and is only 27 episodes long. There are only four characters in the show named Olaf, Nate, Chip, and Ruby. Despite being such a small show, it has had a profound effect on the generation that has watched it. This is why people are still watching it and loving the theme song.

The reviews of this show are touching –

This cinematic masterpiece is one that I shall cherish for years to come. Not only are these miniature spuds educational but they are humorous as well! I have learned and grown so much in the past 20 minutes since discovering these vertically-challenged vegetables. They will forever remain in my heart. I quite recommend experiencing this wonder of cinema and sharing with a friend. Small Potatoes is truly a must see.
– A Small Potatoe’s Enthusiast

You can sing along to the song with the help of the lyrics below.


small potatoe
Small potatoe
small potatoe
small potatoe
(Ahhh potatoe)
on the moon!
small potatoes in the sea
small potatoes in the bath
small potatoes sing with me
small potatoe
small potatoe
small potatoe
small potatoe
small potatoe
small pootaaaattooeeee

Best TikTok attempts

You can act out the song and get in the vibe with your friend or partner like this –