TikTok’s Fruit Roll-Up Challenge: Everything you need to know!

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TikTok users are pro at setting funny new trends online every day. TikTok is one of those apps that has something to offer to everyone. You won’t have a dull moment on TikTok, as users come up with entertaining games and challenges regularly.

Fruit Roll-Up Challenge is the latest craze online, which was popularized by TikTok. Now it’s taking over almost every other social media platform! #FruitRollUp is a fun challenge game, created by bored users stuck at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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How to play the Fruit Roll-Up Challenge

In the Fruit Roll Up Challenge videos, we see groups of people participating in the game together. With a timer on, this challenge is a friendly competition where the fastest person to finish eating the roll ups becomes the winner. There are a few rules though; participants are not allowed to touch the fruit roll up with their hands. The idea is to gobble down the long strips of fruit rollups as quickly as possible. From lazy teens to grannies in their 70s- the challenge have created some buzz-worthy ripples across all age groups!

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What are Fruit Roll-ups?

Fruit Roll-ups are a type of sugary candy which comes in a flat, sheet-like form. They come in different colours and different flavours. Strawberries, Kiwi, Watermelon, Pineapple, and Blackcurrant are some of the most popular ones. In Fruit Roll-Up Challenge videos, entire families can be seen partaking in the game, trying to tuck in the candy sheet in their mouths as fast as possible. The videos are a true laugh riot and have gained millions of likes and shares across social media.

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It’s your turn now!

If you are a sugar junkie who wouldn’t mind indulging in some harmless childish fun, then it’s your turn to enter the challenge! Stock up some flavourful fruit roll-ups and invite your family members to join you for the TikTok Fruit Roll-Up Challenge. Who knows, your video could be the next viral sensation online!