What is the meaning of ‘krowemoh’? Twitter confused by homework spelt backwards

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There are several tweets explaining the meaning and translation of the word ‘krowemoh’. But their source is Urban Dictionary!

Several tweets recently share the meaning of krowemoh and making jokes about it. But, what is krowemoh?

What does krowemoh mean?

Krowemoh is just Homework spelled backwards.

Urban Dictionary doesn’t miss a chance to come up with weird and creative jokes so if you look up the definition of this word, it states that it means “child abuse” in Latin.

People have picked up this definition and tweeting that it really means “child abuse” on Twitter.

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Although if you check the translations, which we did, there is no such word as krowemoh in Latin. It is a nonsensical word. People have just made this joke so much that everyone is using this word on a daily basis and making more memes out of it.

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Someone actually tweeted that it means “child abuse” in Italian.

So, people are not just spreading a wrong translation, but also mixing up the language.

Is this what taking the joke too far really means?

The real meaning of krowemoh


Krowemoh is just Homework spelt backwards but still has no meaning whatsoever, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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However, if the majority of the world believes that this word means “child abuse” then it will be added to the dictionary.

So, you know what you have to do right? Share this article with your friends and tweet about Krowemoh and how it translates to “child abuse”. Spread the word and eventually, our efforts will be rewarded.

So, what did we learn today?

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When you really don’t want to do homework, you can make up weird reasons to procrastinate.

You can use the more unrealistic reason to not do your homework. For example, tell your teacher when they ask for your homework that you do not encourage child abuse nor will you participate in it.

But if you don’t understand your homework or you can’t do it, you know which excuse to use.

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Crazy social media responses

TikTok is also shocked about this crazy new meaning – it seems as though nobody is aware that this information is false.

@mlb_.things shared a video featuring the first Google definition of krowemoh and gained a total of 72.3K views.

But, what! Finally we have some sense!

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User, @annam.ria, commented on the popular video with the statement:


However, not everyone has realised that this is all a joke…

Creator named @xananditax took to TikTok to explain the shocking meaning of krowemoh.


THIS IS VERY SKETCHY. I’m getting out if teachers college. #krowemoh #fyp #MoneyTok #InLove

♬ original sound – Furry Destroyer

Another user, @blobbywasabi, also posted a video showing the made-up definition of this random word.

The popular hashtag #krowemoh currently has a huge 230.8K views on TikTok as viewers continue to post about the word.

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Go ahead and check out the krowemoh definition for yourself!