What does CFS mean on Instagram? New slang explained!

what does cfs mean on instagram new slang explained

Another acronym on social media has got users confused as to what it means. This time it is CFS… Do you know what it means?

We at Hashtag Hyena are always here to help to inform you on the latest slang definitions.

In this article, we will explore what CFS means, how you can make a CFS and examples of the acronym on Twitter.

What does CFS mean?

Urban Dictionary defines CFS as an acronym for Close Friends Story.

They use the example:

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“Add me to your CFS on Instagram”

A Close Friend’s Story is a private story in which only the people you add to it can see the posts.

This is great for when you wake up the next day, embarrassed about your social media stories from last night, but realize it’s only your close friends who have seen them… (Phew!)

Or if you’re scared about what people think about your stories, and feel judged by some of your followers but don’t want to remove them as a follower, a CFS is perfect!

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How to make a CFS on Instagram

If only posting stories to your chosen friends sounds up your street, here’s how you can make a Close Friends Story!

First open up your Instagram app

Tap on your profile in the bottom right corner

Then tap the menu button in the top right

You should see an option for ‘Close Friends’, click this!

Then tap ‘Get Started’ and add the selected people you want to be on your CFS

Once you have selected everyone, click ‘Create List’

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Now you’re done and ready to get posting to your own CFS!

CFS examples on Twitter!

Here are some examples of the acronym on Twitter.

@_rawwest wants Twitter to make a CFS option for their next update!

A few Twitter users hope Instagram will create a new feature so they can go live to their CFS!

@wrathz is disappointed what he sees on some peoples CFS!

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Do you have a CFS? Or will you be creating one? Let us know!


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