What is the meaning of SA on TikTok? 5 amazing examples!

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The meaning of SA on TikTok has been trending for some time – and users are loving the fun, cultural content!

South African slang is spiraling TikTok as creators teach their viewers keywords and phrases. Read below to find out what SA really means!


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What is SA on TikTok?

The abbreviation ‘SA’ has been trending on TikTok for months now, but some users are confused as to what it really means.

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Although ‘SA’ can also stand for other things, such as sexual abuse/assault, in this instance it refers to South Africa.

On TikTok, the popular hashtag #SA currently holds 2.8 billion views and is filled with various content – a lot of it including South African information.

Another hashtag, #TikTokSA, has reached a huge 10 billion views. Some SA TikTok users simply upload South African-related content.

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Content creator named @matthewphilip18 recently uploaded a comical upload claiming that he is the best South African ‘snack’.

However, popular SA content often includes South African slang – as citizens explain the meanings of particular words/phrases.

#TikTokSouthAfrica and #SAslang are again popular tags on the app.

5 amazing SA TikTok examples

@thomas_stav123, a TikTok user from South Africa, previously uploaded a video explaining some South African terms.

Another SA resident (@lucianoghidoli) also showed us some cool slang.

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A recent upload by @ayandabezuidenhout involves more fun South African terminology.

However, not all SA content involves cultural slang, some simply include South African TikTok creators.

A user named @wianmagic works his magic (literally) in his TikTok uploads whereby he shocks his viewers with his magician skills.

And some content involves makeup created by South African TikTokers!

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TikToker, @lavanyawiles, shows off her excellent makeup skills in her recent video.

Go ahead and check out SA to learn all about South African content and their fun slang! Learn all about TikTok slang with Hashtag Hyena! Let us know in the comments if you want us to explore any other slang.