TikTok: Easy guide to joining Sprite challenge and the best attempts

Photo by Atul Sainy on Unsplash

Sprite challenge is one of the easy and hilarious TikTok trends that you can do anytime with your friends and family. All you will need is a sprite bottle for each person participating in the challenge.

How to join the TikTok’s viral Sprite challenge

It doesn’t have to be a Sprite bottle. You can choose any carbonated bottle and attempt to drink the whole thing without burping at all.

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Is that it? Yeah. It may sound very easy but hundreds of TikTok users found out immediately after trying that it is kind of an impossible task.

By joining this challenge, you are not going to win but you will get awesome footage of your friends and/or family having fun and laughing at each other’s burps. There are going to be some hilarious fails that you will catch in the video that you will be able to revisit every year when you all get together.

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Another bonus of this challenge is that you can humble every cocky person in the room because only after a few seconds of continuous drinking, the Sprite/carbonated beverage will start to take effect and the person will begin panicking.

The hashtag of Sprite challenge #spritechallenge is so popular that it has more than 590 million views today (on 25th May 2022).

Here are some of the best of the best attempts that will make you laugh out loud and dissuade you from joining the challenge yourself. But it will definitely make you want to do this to your friends and family.

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Best Sprite challenge TikTok videos

You might be tempted to try this challenge once but there are some users like @chloe_dillion who have tried this 5 times. Wait till the end to know why this video has gone viral and has 3.5 million likes.

Another hilarious attempt was made by Tucker Reynolds and let’s just say that his username @tuckercomedy checks out.

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Here is a compilation for you.

But then there is this exception to the rule. Do you think there’s anyone who can beat this guy in the challenge?

Some more hilarious fails…