The hanger reflex challenge on TikTok has blown over the internet!

TikTok Hanger Challenge

The renewal of the TikTok hanger challenge has people putting coat hangers on their heads to test whether it causes them to turn. But not everyone believes the effect is natural. Here’s what you should know.

TikTok has become a hub for some of the internet’s strangest phenomena. New challenges take over the platform every week, offering anything from strange drink combos to entertaining dances.

The TikTok hanger challenge got widespread on the platform and beyond in 2020. This challenge involves people putting a coat hanger on their heads and watching to see whether their head twists naturally. According to some, your head will swivel away from the hook if you try it.

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Nearly two years later, the trend has returned to the network. Many new users are eager to test if the peculiar effect would operate on them.

Some users claim to feel the impact, while others claim to be unable to feel anything at all. Others appear to be acting out an exaggerated reaction to play into the comedy.

According to a 2015 research of 120 individuals, “the feeling of head rotation was detected in 95.8 percent of respondents.” The research further said that “The incidence rate of the hanger reflex was astonishingly high and most likely represents a widespread phenomenon in humans.”

Some TikTok users are upset by this challenge

Many TikTok users believe that the challenge is “complete Bs” and a “joke,”.

Some users are attempting to reproduce it with different hangers, and positions, but doesn’t show any result.

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I stuck a clothes hanger on my head and tried for the hanger reflex. 🤷🏼‍♀️#hangerchallege #hangerreflex #clotheshangerchallenge #challenge

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Others, though, insist the hanger effect is genuine and share their results with their TikTok followers.

If you decide to try this challenge, exercise extreme caution and do it with someone present to assist you if something goes wrong.

TikTok has seen a lot of unsafe trends go popular in the past, some of which have led to deaths, such as the choking challenge.