TikTok: How to do the daddy similarity test – do you resemble your father?


Why not try the new ‘daddy similarity test’ trend! Forget ancestry sites and DNA tests… there’s now a TikTok filter that allows you to see how much you resemble your dad!

After some other filters recently becoming a big hit with TikTok users, such as the ‘Hey my name is Zuzie’ trend, there is now another viral filter that you’ll either love or hate.

What is the daddy similarity test?

The filter came out around Father’s day so sons and daughters could show their friends, or TikTok users everywhere, how similar they look to their dads. The filter fades a picture of yourself into a pic of your dad then scores the similarity of your looks from 0% to 100%. Although most of the videos seem to be at least above 90% every time.

How can I try it?

When you are on TikTok, if you haven’t already found it, do a search of ‘dad similarity test’ (or something along those lines) in the discovery bar. Then, under ‘effects’ you should see the correct filter and click on it. There should be a bright pink circular record button with a camera on it to start making/ recording your video. Now you can pick a photo of your dad from your camera roll then press the pink circle to start recording straight away. Once you’re happy with your video, you can also add a sound that you like too. Don’t forget to add some hashtags and captions for more views!


the amount of people who call us twins 😭😂 #dadsimilaritytest

♬ in heat. – Hentai Xander

Add some music on TikTok

A lot of TikTokers are using the rather funky sound called ‘original sound – drippingwax’ by Worm containing music from My Mom by Eminem (album version, edited). Another one you could use is ‘Where’d All the Time Go?’ by Dr. Dog. One of the easiest ways to find the music to use for your video is to go on another video that uses the same music and press the vinyl-looking symbol in the bottom right-hand corner then click ‘use this sound’. The other way you can do this is to simply type in the sound’s name. You can always ‘add to favourites’ whichever filters and sounds you like the most to find them more easily later on.