TikTok: Who is ‘thejulzle’ and how old is she?

YouTube - The Julzle makeup tutorial (@thejulzle)

American TikToker and YouTuber @thejulzle or Juliyanna Elizabeth, known for her videos and baddie insta pics, has left people wondering how old she is.

This girl definitely looks older than her actual age and also has a very self-love, bad b attitude. She posts pics which make her look like she could even be in her 20s. But, when you find out how old she really is, you’ll be in for a surprise for sure!

What is her actual age?

Juliyanna was born on July 7th 2007 which makes her 13 years old (14 next month). Although many haters seem to not believe her for some reason. In a video posted last week, she actually got out her baby book to prove to viewers that she wasn’t lying. However, it is quite understandable why viewers think she is much younger than she looks!

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Why does nobody believe she’s so young?

It is definitely a shock when people realise how old she is. But, is this because of her makeup and the type of poses she does for her insta pics though? On her Instagram feed (@thejulzle) she has various pics of her all glammed up and posing like a goddess. She seems pretty aware that she looks older than she is and knows that she is pretty good-looking. She states in her Twitter bio ‘I am a QUEEN and will be treated as such’ (@TJulzle).

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In this video, she explains that she actually is 13 years of age because hardly anyone on there believes her, but this is not the only vid she has had to post to prove it!

What does she do for a living?

With 6.62k subscribers to her YouTube channel, 32.1k followers on Instagram, and 358k on TikTok, this social media queen clearly enjoys what she does. Many of her YouTube vids include content like hair and makeup tutorials, and shopping hauls and in her TikToks, she seems to prefer mouthing words to popular songs whilst looking her best and showing herself off. She probably makes most of the money she earns off a creator fund whilst attending middle school.