TikTok: What does ‘beta has expired’ mean?

Screenshot, TikTok - @ariikrystizzle

If you are a regular TikTok user you may have been unlucky enough to have a message saying ‘beta has expired’ pop up on your screen.

What does ‘beta has expired’ mean on TikTok?

It means that the version of the app you are using is too old which is why it is important to keep updating your app regularly whenever there is a change to the software.

What to do if it happens to you

If it happens to you don’t panic, you just need to uninstall or delete the app and then re-download the newest version of TikTok from the App Store.

The one small issue with this is that if the sign pops up for you and you still have some TikTok videos saved in drafts, sadly they will probably disappear.

So just make sure you have back ups of your TikTok master pieces rather than leaving them just in drafts.

TikTok examples!

This TikTok user @arriikrstizzle found out the hard way what happens when your beta has expired when he redownloaded TikTok and all his drafts had gone.

At least it gave him the inspiration to create this funny video though.

Another TikTok user seems heartbroken to have lost all their drafts because of the ‘beta has expired message’.

How to avoid it happening to you!

If you are an avid TikTok user and have multiple hidden gems tucked away in your TikTok drafts, we would suggest going on to the App Store now and updating to the newest version of TikTok just to be safe and avoid the heartbreak.

It also might be a good idea to save the drafts somewhere else in case, because you never know one of the videos hiding in your drafts could’ve been the one to make you TikTok famous.