Did Netflix praise Satan on Instagram? Twitter users want to cancel the platform!

Screenshot,TikTok -@ma_dukes4

Instagram users have taken to Twitter and TikTok to share their confusion after the huge streaming platform Netflix posted a video that said “Praise SATAN”.

The post by Netflix has since been deleted and Twitter users are urging Christian people with a Netflix subscription to cancel it.

What happened on Netflix’s Instagram account?

On the 13th of December 2020, Netflix posted one of their promotional videos with sparkling letters saying ‘praise SATAN’ on Instagram.

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The streaming service often uses this font style and type of video to promote new shows, but the post has caused a lot of confusion and since been deleted.

Now some conspiracy theorists are claiming that the streaming giant is against christianity and run by satanists.

This YouTube video shows what could be seen when looking at the Netflix Instagram profile, the man who created the video says he realises it might be to promote the Netflix show “Lucifer”, but the post “Is a bit much”.

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Twitter reacts to the praise satan post

Some Twitter users have become very upset by the post saying it is insensitive and are now calling on Christians to cancel their subscriptions, and “spread the news”.

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Another Twitter user saying that Netflix is cancelled.

TikTok also reacts!

This TikTok user shared his outrage and received over 40 thousand likes so clearly other people are feeling the same.

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Another TikTok user expressing his concern about Netflix using the term “praise SATAN”.

Netflix have not yet commented on the uproar about this Instagram post.

Other users of the site have come to Netflix defence saying that it is only to promote a show named Lucifer and set the scene, not that Netflix is run by Satanists.