TikTok: What is the Lesbian Manifesto?

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    The TikTok hashtag #lesbianmanifesto currently has over 70 thousand views on the app and the number is rising by the minute.

    TikTok users have discovered the document people have been calling the lesbian manifesto which is actually titled “Am I a Lesbian?” and are creating videos about how they feel after reading it, with many of the videos going viral.

    Find out what all the hype is about below.

    What is the lesbian manifesto?

    The lesbian manifesto is a 30 page google document written by Angela Luiz who was 21 at the time of posting it.

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    The document is written informally, like a diary entry and it talks about how societal conditioning can confuse lesbians about their true sexuality, the document is titled “Am I a Lesbian?”

    It was published originally on Tumblr in 2018 and the original link can’t be found anymore but it is still available to read on other platforms.

    The document has been viewed well over 30 thousand times and some women are now using it as a way to decide and figure out their true sexuality.

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    The document is filled with bullet points of self-reflection and talks a lot about heterosexual societal norms that cause lesbians to suppress their true feelings.

    How to find it on TikTok

    To find the videos referencing the lesbian manifesto on TikTok just type in the search bar #lesbianmanifesto and hundreds of videos will come up of people documenting them reading it.

    People have also commented the link to the full manifesto under some of the videos.

    TikTok fans react

    TikTok appears to have just discovered the document that was written in 2018 and now a new trend has started.

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    Girls who identify as bisexual, pansexual, or even heterosexual are now reading the manifesto and documenting how they feel after every couple of pages, with a lot of the videos ending in girls realising they are lesbian.

    A lot of the videos have the song ‘bad Idea’ by girl in read playing in the background.

    This girl was left questioning her sexuality after reading the whole document.

    This TikTok user said the document has made her realise she is lesbian and not bisexual.

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    This user began reading the document as pansexual and has now decided she is lesbian.

    All the lesbian manifesto TikToks are so entertaining and it is amazing for people to understand and be comfortable with their sexuality.

    Where to find the document!

    If you want to read the document to see for yourself if it changes your mind or if you just fancy seeing what all the hype is about then it can be found on online platforms just by a google search and is linked in many of the TikTok videos.

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