Instagram: How to get the Lunar New Year Filter!

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There is a stunning new filter with a lot more to it than just a photo accessory. Read below to understand the significance of Instagram’s Lunar New Year filter and how to get it.

February 12th of 2021 marks the start of the new Chinese year which is called the Lunar New Year, Year of the Ox, and the Spring festival as it is at the start of the Spring season.

It is called the Year of the Ox because Ox is one of the 12 Chinese zodiacs and this year is of the zodiac Ox.

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What is different in this Lunar New Year is that Instagram is celebrating this one with trending new filters and three cool stickers.

How to get the Lunar New Year filter on Instagram

For the occasion, Instagram has launched a new augmented reality filter that you can use in Stories. This filter highlights all the Chinese Zodiacs as well.

This is a released by Instagram which means you won’t even have to search for it.

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Just go to the app and swipe right to turn on the camera. Right beside the camera button, there is a filter with the icon of an Ox.

When you tap on it, you will see a pretty filter that makes your skin look clear and cartoon versions of all the Chinese zodiacs popping on the screen and falling around your face.

Click a few pictures and post on your story to celebrate this occasion with your friends and followers.

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About those three new stickers

Graphic designer and illustrator, Naomi Otsu, designed this pack of stickers in honor of this Chinese New Year.

They will be available to use until February 17th so make sure to add them to your stories while you still can.

Instagram’s celebration of the Lunar New Year

@instagram has featured a food artist from Korea named Moon-mi You (@____jamon) by posting about her Lunar New Year ritual.

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This artist makes a dessert called the ‘dried persimmon jar’ which is shown in the post. You can tell it is delicious just by looking at it and the story in the caption is also lovely.

Instagram has released a filter, three stickers, and a post to celebrate the New Year. What have you done?