TikTok: How to do the Calvin Klein on My Challenge – and 5 surprising videos!

Screenshot from @lolalourdess TikTok

Transformation challenges on TikTok have been around since the app took off, but the ‘Calvin Klein on my…’ is taking everyone by surprise!

Many creators have shocked their viewers by taking part in this transformation.

Find out just why you must ‘expect the unexpected’ and how you can get involved in this challenge by reading below.

What is the Calvin Klein on My Challenge?

From fancy transitions to simple outfit-changes, transformation challenges have been around forever.

However, the latest challenge has proven to be quite breathtaking on TikTok.

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The audio used for this trend is named ‘expect the unexpected‘ and was created by @kiittymimi.

While the music plays, the creator lip-syncs the lyrics as they appear to look quite basic.

The sound then cuts to the spoken words:

“you gotta expect the unexpected”

As the beat of the music then drops, the creator returns as a completely transformed-version of themselves.

The lyrics describe this challenge perfectly, you really do have to expect the unexpected!

User, @ryan.riismandel commented on @itsjakeyboyyy‘s transformation video, stating that this trend acts as something in particular:

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“proof that people aren’t ugly…they choose to be”

Do you agree? Keep reading and find out…

How to complete the challenge on TikTok

In order to shock your audience you’ll need to prepare a major transformation!

Although it is not compulsory, this challenge often requires a glow-up – meaning you’ll need to go from 0-100 real quick!

You could also increase the shock-factor by involving something unique, perhaps you could dye your hair like TikTok user, @leekeenn successfully did.

Once you have decided how you’re going to carry out your video, simply use the audio linked above and begin!

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Start by recording the pre-transformation section; sing along to the lyrics as you begin your transition.

Many creators choose to use the ‘head-turn’ transition as they lip-sync the famous statement instructing viewers to expect the unexpected.

So, you’ll need to spin your head away from the camera and mouth the words as you do so.

As you turn your head back toward the front, pause your TikTok and get ready to transform!

Now that you’re ready to surprise the viewers, simply begin recording as you face the front of the camera, introducing your brand-new look!

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A more detailed explanation of this simple transition is explained in a tutorial by @rbradyjordan.

Surprising transformation examples

TikTok creator with 1.1 million followers, @lolalourdess, attempted this challenge and sure did shock her viewers!

With 15.9 million views along with 3.9 million likes on the video, Lola Lourdes’ comment section is full of surprised users.

@itsjakeyboyyy also managed to achieve a major surprise as he reconstructed his entire look!

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Jake has gained 8.7 million views as well as 2.3 million likes on his upload, while the comment section ‘refuse to believe that this is the same person’.

However, the challenge doesn’t have to involve a major glow-up.

The verified user, @averycyrus, was inspired by @hawkhatesyou‘s use of a muscle costume and decided to include this in her attempt.

While we all expected the usual transformation, Avery left us astonished as she returned with a male upper-body!

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Bet you didn’t expect that 😌 @hawkhatesyou did it first

♬ expect the unexpected – meow

Well-known for her fabulous transformations, @lorengray didn’t fail to amaze her viewers as she went from ‘basic’ to ‘baddie’ in a matter of seconds.


u gotta expect the unexpected😪✊

♬ expect the unexpected – meow

The stunning makeup artist, @abbyroberts, even captioned her attempt stating that she doesn’t know the lyrics yet still wanted to join in with this exciting challenge.

Go ahead, complete the ‘Calvin Klein on my…’ challenge and shock your viewers!