Snapchat: Did Bernie Sanders launch his own filter? And why can’t I find it?

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Photo taken by @ Shelly Prevost | Flickr

The Bernie Sanders Snapchat filter explains why we have been seeing so many memes of him sitting in the most hilarious places.

The entire world watched President Joe Biden’s Inauguration ceremony and the takeaway meme was the Sen. Bernie Sanders fashion and style.

In between all the sophistication and refinery on this fine day, Bernie can be seen as wearing a comfortable beige coat, patterned mittens and a face mask. He was seen sitting down on a chair, cross-legged and cross-armed.

Sitting down like he meant business while wearing what someone would call an outfit to wear “to stand in a line at the post office” really caught everyone’s eye.

His photo became viral immediately and memes related to him were, quite literally, everywhere.

In an interview later, Bernie reacts to some of the memes that were made about him. It shows how wholesome and charming he is.

Bernie Sanders Snapchat filter explained

The Senator really went ahead and made Snapchat filters called “Feel the burn”. He recognized the meme trend and used this knowledge to bring the youngsters out to caucus using this filter.

The success of the caucuses depends on the young voters which are known to be difficult to mobilize, but not for Sen. Bernie Sanders! There is a Snapchat geo-filter launched by the Senator himself for the young generation in Iowa.

If you live in Iowa, you can use this geo-filter to place that image of Bernie Sanders sitting cross-legged anywhere in your surroundings. Remember the meme that you have been seeing everywhere? You can make that happen anywhere.

Just point the camera to a place where you want to see Bernie Sanders sitting and turn on the filter. Imagine the funniest place to put him in and take a picture there with this filter and share it with your friends.

Here’s why you can’t find this filter

The geo-filters on Snapchat work based on locations. They are tied to a specific location and this filter is only in Iowa so that the young generation who uses Snapchat will be encouraged to get out of the house and caucus. If you are not in Iowa, you won’t be able to use this filter.