What does SYD mean on Snapchat?

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A new abbreviation SYD is used on Snapchat but the new users are left wondering what does it mean? A warning though…

It is not a PG-13 full-form. So get ready to understand the vulgar meaning of SYD.

Snapchat has a lot of abbreviations because the users have learned to fit a lot of meaning into a few words and abbreviations. They have their own language and being new to Snapchat has a steep learning curve.

What does SYD mean on Snapchat?

People mostly know the main use of Snapchat is to send nudes to each other in a safe way as all the pictures and the messages self-destruct.

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If you take a screenshot, it notifies the sender immediately so that stops people from wrongfully using the app.

It goes without saying that people sext most on this platform. Keeping that in mind, you can guess what SYD would mean. If you still haven’t figured it out, here’s the full form and explanation given by the Urban Dictionary

abbreviation for ‘suck your dick.’
“I’ll SYD for some extra credit.”

There is a possibility that SYD is used as a short form of Sydney and the person who sent you SYD meant this and not “suck your dick”. There is also another meaning but if you found a message to you saying SYD, we are not sure you will like this other meaning –

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This term means suck your dad (the one that left you) it could also mean suck your dick but if your British then it means suck your dad
Ay yo pussio syd

Apart from sexual stuff, Snapchat is also popularly used by drug dealers and that is why Syd can mean something else –

Our hallucinatory friend Syd, is an imaginative word for the underlying spirit of acid. Popularized by Eminem as slang for acid…” Try syd and get fucked up worse than my life is. My brain’s dead, wait, I’m trying to get my head straight”
Our friend syd dropped by to say hello, and ever since then we’ve been trippin balls.

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Also spelled Cid, spell it any damn way you want to. Slang for LSD. Used long before Eminem ever learned how to wipe his ass.
Dude, we’re gonna drop some Syd tonight and veg. You in or out man?

(Veg here means to relax all day and eat a lot.)


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