How to find Vin Rouge Filter for the Silhouette Challenge on TikTok and Snapchat

Screenshot from TikTok video of @raerican Rae Rican

The Silhouette Challenge has taken over TikTok and Twitter. Here’s how you can join in and show off your beautiful body with the clever enhancement of light and shadows.

This challenge is so trending right now that it has more than 92 million views on TikTok. Already, it looks like it could be one of the biggest social media trends of 2021.

But if you are here to find the red filter for this challenge, you already know how popular it is. So let us help you make your best TikTok video yet with this saucy new filter.

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What is the Vin Rogue Filter?

This filter is called the red filter or the Vin Rogue because it can turn your camera completely red and photos taken by this will actually look as if it has been taken with real red studio lights.

This filter makes your surroundings red, then you can pose for a photo or a video in a doorway or a window and then turn yourself into a silhouette for the challenge.

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It is important to use surroundings like doorways because the silhouette has to look realistic.

Where can I get the Vin Rogue filter?

We have been through all the filters on TikTok. Searching for it on TikTok is pointless because it is actually on Snapchat!

Head on over to Snapchat’s camera screen and tap on the smiley face on the right bottom corner. Choose the “Explore” option and type “Vin Rogue” in the search bar.

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Click on the filter and prop it on something in front of the doorway. Are you ready to look and feel sexy with the Silhouette Challenge?

Best Silhouette Challenge attempts

If you are looking for some ideas, here are some of the best attempts of this challenge –


ib @jaydechandaa #silhouette #silhouettechallenge this took me an hour to make-

♬ streets by doja cat – sofya

@mrsmosquito won this whole challenge before it even started but i wanted to try 😭😭 #silhouettechallenge #silhouettechallenge #fyp

♬ suono originale – Giulia Di Nicolantonio

This took hourssss it’s definitely worth it tho😫😫😫😫 #silhouettechallenge ❤️

♬ streets by doja cat – sofya