Who and what are TikTok Thots? Everything you need to know!

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TikTok is well known for girls and boys using the platform as what is known as a ‘thirst trap’. Girls using their good looks and dancing skills to get views and likes and boys doing grins as cheesy as Noah Beck while trying to “tease” 🤢.

However, it doesn’t always work out this way with the risk of people actually cringing at the attempt to ‘thirst trap.

And this leads us to the introduction of TikTok thots…

What are TikTok Thots?

A TikTok Thot is described as a girl or boy, who uses their good looks to get views, they try showing off their looks and dancing skills to impress their viewers. While it may work for some it’s also considered pretty damn cringe for others.

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The reason they gained themselves the name TikTok Thot is people saying that they act in similar ways to ‘sl*ts’, or someone who is looking for sexual attention. The name stems from the platform name TikTok, so essentially it’s a combination of TikTok and sl*t.

Drama caused by TikTok Thirst Trap videos

Urban Dictionary’s definition of a ‘thirst trap’ is a ‘sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent for others to publicly profess their attraction’ or what everyone else calls fishing for attention.

Here are some examples!

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People were concerned when military men and women posted these so-called thirst traps, starting a heated discussion on Twitter as to whether its disrespectful and poor conduct as soldiers.

What do you think? Cool or cringe?