TikTok: Who is @dykotomy? Austismo Rap creator Elliot Rorschach in Reddit drama!

Screenshot from TikToker @dykotomy

@dykotomymade some waves in the Reddit community r/cringetopia and a lot of users had some pretty serious opinions. Let’s get to know rapper Elliot Rorschach and dissect the drama that has unfolded.

A TikTok video of Elliot Rorschach was posted in the Reddit community by @u/combatcompanion yesterday (17th February 2021) and was upvoted by more than 35k users and had 4.6k comments.

The video was about a serious issue – whether people should self-diagnose or not. However, the topic took a completely different turn on Reddit and a huge uproar commenced.

Who is @dykotomy?

The name on @dykotomy’s TikTok account is Elliot Rorschach, and they identify as non-binary with “neuroqueer dandy” and “top deck alien” as mentioned in its bio.

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Elliot is 30 years old, has 34k followers and has self-diagnosed himeflr to be autistic along with having adhd.

His TikTok account is pretty colourful with interesting videos, eye-catching haircuts, and varying hair colours.

Elliot is the person who created the rap called Autismo Rap, which goes on to explain how autism can look like and how it is misdiagnosed. Fifty-six others made videos on this rap and it struck a chord with many TikTokers.

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What was the video of Elliot Rorschach about?

@dykotomy posted a video on 5th February 2021 that explained that they self-diagnosed themself with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder.

Elliot then goes on to pretend to have a conversation with someone who says that people shouldn’t self-diagnose because there are others with “real” diagnoses.

Based on this hypothetical scenario, Elliot explains that these doctors who give diagnoses have less knowledge than the people who are self-diagnosing themself, even if the doctor has spent seven years studying in school.

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But the video didn’t just end there as Dykotomy went on to claim that diagnosis is expensive, sexist, classist, and racist…

According to Elliot, these people should stop policing the self-diagnosers and give them the money to get it checked out. “Put your money where your mouth is,” said Elliot.

The video ends with the exclamation that “Diagnosis is a privilege” and Elliot is not taking anything from anyone by doing this.

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Then the real drama begins…

If you think that was some pretty heavy stuff, you haven’t seem anything yet. This Redditt video led to people voting on how cringey they thought the video was – and the answer was – 99% cringe, 1% satire, and 0% meta.

That burn is going to take ages to heal. Users gave this post on Reddit about 30 rewards… for being cringey!

Commentators insulted Elliot a lot although the discussion also touched upon the varied opinions on self-diagnosis.

u/dude-of-the-ducks said: “We have more info than they learned in school’. You sure about that mate? You think the 19-year-old who looked at a person with a mental disorder once and made a Facebook test has more of an idea of what it is than a doctor who has studied on mental disorders and treated people with them for years and years?”

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The comment that takes the cake was this one though: “Imagine spending thousands of dollars and years going to a psychology school. Having to make thousands of essays and projects, having to learn a whole library of required books and chapters. You have to learn and retain which medications work for what, not by memorizing, but by understanding their function in the central nervous system. Having to know how they act, what they do, how they’re processed, which principles could work for other illnesses, which ones can be used in cases of comorbidities and which ones can be used for an illness that it wasn’t originally intended to. Spending a whole year dedicated to treating patients in clinical practices and no, you can not skip this, multiple times actually listening, helping, and DIAGNOSING people for FREE as a mandatory requirement for your professional formation. Getting your own psychologist due to the emotional effect your studies and future profession have on you just so people have someone they can trust to possibly have an easier life. Studying methods, practices, types, comorbidities, how they show themselves, patterns of behavior, muscle contractions, how to improve quality of life through therapy, medication, physical activities, entertainment…

And some teen dresses up in a suit and makeup and says they know more about you because they “researched” mental illness sparingly (maybe they dwelve deep into it for a day?) By going on google and youtube videos, to focus only on the symptoms and none of the other VERY IMPORTANT stuff, and applying it to a pattern of behavior in their own life (even worse, sometimes into OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES) that they’ve had for a month, maybe. And what do they do with that info, get treatment? Nonono, they post about it online to misinform even more people, making the mental illness problem become even more stigmatized and creating a system where no one is actually aware of their illnesses and how to treat or live with them, creating a group where people may choose to close themselves off or be extremely rude because “it’s a symptom” for an illness that they may not even have, and if they did, that could be treated.

Tl;dr: it’s a sh*tty point with no basis at all that does way more harm than good. You can get a diagnosis for free in most med/psychology schools.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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