Snapchat: What is the Gangster Granny series? Ross Smith brings the laughs!

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Ross Smith and his 94-year-old grandma, also known as Gangsta Granny, have created a Snapchat series where they ‘attempt to make the world a funnier place.

The two have created 11 seasons of comedy content since 2018 and it gets better with every episode. It’s safe to say that these two have succeeded in making the world a more humorous place!

The crazy duo releases a new episode every week on Snapchat including hilarious content, proving to audiences that old people are still funny.

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Who is Ross Smith and his grandma?

Twenty-five-year-old grandson Ross Smith gets his sense of humour from his grandma, who is known as Gangster Granny. The two create content on all platforms where they pull pranks on each other and it features the grandma’s inappropriate sense of humour that you wouldn’t expect from a woman at her age.

They started the series on Snapchat in 2018 and every week since have posted hilarious content that gets millions of views.

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Gangstar granny is known and loved to be savage and inappropriate. Let’s say she’s not the best role model for a younger audience.

The two love to steal things, prank people, rate pillows the shape of a bottom and try out new products. The latest was a virtual reality game, she seemed to have quite a fun time beating up her grandson and calling him a ‘ little b**ch’.

She seems sweet right? Gran-gran also still loves a lap-dance, according to a recent Snapchat episode.

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What is the Gangster Granny series?

Their hilarious content gets the pair over 11million views per YouTube video and Snapchat episode – fans are obsessed with Gangsta granny for her unusually young personality and sense of humour.

“My brand just turned into me and my grandma taking over the world,” Smith said, and he’s not wrong. With over 15 million followers on their social media accounts, their hobby of making funny content turned into a full-time carrier for them both.

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However, there are some opposite views to the things the two get up to. Obviously, it’s all fun and games but Granny states on Facebook the elder generation don’t understand why and what she’s doing and some leave her hate comments. But that doesn’t get to the 94-year-old savage grandma.

How did it start?

When Vine was around Ross Smith used to post comedy six-second videos. In one of the vids, he asked his grandma to block one of his basketball shots for a video, and straight away the video went viral. From there, everyone fell in love with the duo and went crazy over their content.

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Ross said that doing this with his grandma gave him and many more a more open-minded way of thinking. He stated that when your old you go away to nursing homes and your life becomes boring, but now they started this its opened peoples minds up more that elderly people are still fun and have a sense of humour.