TikTok: Sabine Parish story explained – who is Christina Rivers?

Christina Rivers
Screenshot from TikTok of @christinaleannerivers Christina Rivers

A mother from Sabine Parish, Christina Rivers, posted a video about her child on TikTok. And while that sounds innocent enough, it was a stream of comments and detective work that lead to this unexpected story.

The story start in 2017 at Sabine Parish, which is located in Louisiana. Here, a boy named Mason was found dead from drowning and his mother, Christina Rivers, was arrested for the murder.

Three years later… the story goes viral on TikTok.

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Who is this Sabine Parish mother?

Christina Parish is a 26-year-old mom living in the swamps of Louisiana with her two sons. You can see her cute son in a lot of her videos, where she is either working out or lip-synching to a trending song.

She is on TikTok and has 172k followers but recently made a private Instagram account, so don’t bother sending a request there. Unfortunately, this is all the information we have about her private life.

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Why is everyone talking about her first child?

Christina posted a video with her son on 13th February 2021, where the duo weree lipsyncing to the song Pepe Teine. The lyrics had the words “I leveled up in the end”.


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On Valentine’s Day, she posted the video with a caption that said it was her son’s first Valentine’s Day and that he was four months old.

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This caught attention of a very popular TikToker called Michael, who decided to do some detective-style digging.


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As you can see, this video has about 2 million views already and it has only been live for one day.

The facts on Christina Rivers

According to a KSLA12 news article, a woman named Christina Rivers was charged in the drowning death of her two-year-old son, who tested positive for methamphetamine, in 2017.

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Christina gave her statement that she had gone to shower and her child went missing during that time on 16 June 2017. She reported him missing after a few hours.

The police found a lot of holes in her story and also found meth in her body as well as in Mason’s body after the autopsy was done.

She was then taken into the Sabine Parish Detention Center on 7th August because she pled guilty to negligent homicide.

Christina has since appeared to indirectly respond to the TikTok’s going around about her, creating a post that read:

“Yes I have a past, yes I changed, yes I grew, yes god gave me a second chance.”

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