TikTok: Who is ‘First Mom’? Age and daughter of viral mom’s lip-syncing video!

Screenshot,TikTok @miagillespiee
Screenshot, TikTok - @miagillespiee

With a growing number of moms going viral on TikTok, who is ‘First Mom’ and why is she trending? A video of five moms lip-syncing has gone viral and everyone wants to know who the women are.

Find out how the video went viral and who is responsible, as well as more information on the mom TikTok fans are talking about.

Who is first mom?

‘First Mom’ is the first mom to appear in a video called “mom’s weekend gone wild. #moms #besties #ItBeLikeThat” where five moms lip-synch to Aly & AJ’s Breakup Song. The video has over 10 million likes and 80 million views.

Her name is Therese Gillespie, she is married and is a stay at home mom. In a fact profile made by her daughter, she says her mom drives a ford expedition and drinks Titos and soda.

While we don’t know First Mom’s exact age, we do know that she has enjoyed TikTok fame and has since appeared on her daughter’s account several times… by popular demand.

How did she get TikTok famous?

Fans loved the moms’ attempt at lip-sycning but seemed particularly taken by ‘first mom,’ whose youthful appearance and great skin makes her look almost as young as the daughters.

The video went viral with fans asking for more information about ‘first mom’ and others making videos ranking the moms to find out who everyone’s favourites are. Therese’s daughter now has 1 million TikTok followers off the back of her viral video.

People are obsessed with knowing more about these moms, guessing their phone cases and the cars they drive. One user said, ‘yesss this is the content I need’.

Who is her daughter?

Therese’s daughter, Mia Gillespie (@miagillespiee) posted the viral video. Her bio reads, ‘Yeah my mom got me famous. DEAL W IT :)’.

She is a triplet, with two other sisters called Emily and Hailey, all three girls seem very proud of their famous mom and are enjoying their newfound TikTok success.

They have a triplet TikTok where they post videos as a trio and occasional videos of their parents.