TikTok: Hearts pour out to Karmanuuu as Karma dies of Covid

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The TikTok pair Karma and Manu were tested positive for coronavirus earlier in November and reportedly, Karma has died.

Many couples use social media together, which has been proven very successful in terms of following. Karma and Manu are an engaged couple from Germany who have made it big on TikTok.

Sadly, the pair’s journey has come to an end. Here’s what has happened.

Who is Karmanuuu?

Karmanuuu is the TikTok username of the German couple Karma and Manu. The pair is very popular in Germany as they have over 651k followers on TikTok, 96.2k followers on Instagram and 15k subscribers on YouTube.

The couple shares funny everyday videos as well as TikTok dances and challenges together.

The latest video posted on TikTok by Karma on their mutual account left was on November 13th announcing in a comic way that both were tested positive for coronavirus.

In the video, Karma claimed that she gets sick rarely and that she stays home most of the time, always washes her hands and suddenly she had a fever.

Karma dies of Covid

After the TikTok video, Karma was hospitalised because of her severe conditions and shared on November 20th pictures of her in the hospital, urging people to take coronavirus more seriously.

According to the German media, Karma has unfortunately passed after losing the fight with Covid-19.

Manu devastated confirmed the news with an emotional Instagram story: “rest in peace Karma, my fiancée, best friend and family. May God receive you with an open heart. Only with you, we are strong, we love you 💔💔💔.”

Fans shocked and saddened by the death of Karma have been sending their condolences on social media, including Twitter.