TikTok: Allow Stitch meaning revealed – and how to get the video feature!

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TikTok being the phenomenon platform it is when it comes to virality, has introduced a new feature called “stitch”.

TikTok’s popularity isn’t an accident. The platform has made many people successful because of its incredible algorithm that can make anybody go viral.

“Stitch” is the newest feature introduced by TikTok. Here’s what “allow stitch” means and how to use it to your benefit.

What does “allow stitch” mean on TikTok?


what is The new thing ALLOW STITCH ?

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Enabling “allow stitch” when posting a TikTok video, means that you let other people feature five seconds of your video to their own videos, which will consequently help increase your reach 😍.

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“Stitch” is TikTok’s newest video editing feature that has been introduced to skyrocket the views. The feature lets you add five seconds of an existing video to your own video.

“Stitch” allows users to re-use, trim and edit other users’ videos and incorporate it on their own video. This new feature allows people to collaborate with more creators, grow their reach and hopefully go viral on the platform.

For “stitch” to work, the creator of the video must allow their videos to be stitched, otherwise, you can’t use the feature.

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How to get “allow stitch”

  • Open TikTok and create a video.
  • When editing the post, turn on the “allow stitch” button, which is the third option under the “describe your video” box.

How to get “stitch”

  • Firstly, open TikTok and find the video you want to “stitch” and add your own twist to.
  • Then, click on the “send to” button towards the bottom right of the screen in the shape of an arrow.
  • A series of options will appear, click on “stitch”.
  • Trim five seconds of your favourite part of the video and record what you would like to add to it.
  • Finally, five seconds of the original video will be stitched in the beginning of your video.
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In reverse, when posting a TikTok video, enable

Collaborate with other creators, get creative and become viral on TikTok using the “allow stitch” feature 🤩!