What does BMF mean on TikTok?

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The viral slang that is trending on TikTok is explained in the article here – What does BMF mean on the video-sharing platform.

What does BMF mean on TikTok?

There is more than one full form of BMF and a few of them are commonly used so you will have to understand the meaning based on the context it is used and the person using it.

Here are the most commonly used meanings of BMF slang on TikTok –

text talk for ‘be my friend’ because you’re lonely af
Person A: “Hi!! Can you bmf?”
Person B: “What, are we in kindergarten? Why are you asking?”
by your worst nightmare hah October 30, 2019

A slang, which is used in online texting, for “Be my friend”
Boy: You making me giggle bro
Boy #2: Omggsyy stop. Wanna bmf
Boy: Sure
by griefys May 27, 2020

Other full forms of BMF

its a song by Rick Ross that people use in their everyday vernacular/
damn, i had $50 yeaterday & i dont know where the hell it went im bmf.
by smartgurl101 August 31, 2010

stands for bad motherfucker. popularized by Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Pulp Fiction. I also heard you can see it on Mace Windu’s (also played by Samuel L. Jackson) lightsaber in the star wars movies.
Give me my wallet back. It is the one that says bad motherfucker on it.
by David Winokur May 17, 2005

“bend me forwards”
homosexual reference
“oh big boy why dont you bmf right here”
by qualcast September 18, 2003

Gang known as the Black Mafia Family.
Young Jeezy the rapper is believed to be a member of BMF.
by J Rice September 26, 2005