TikTok: ‘Shower Onion’ video and trend explained!

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A video of TikTok star Karalynn Dunton sharing her experience of going to a boy’s house where he keeps bowls of onions in his bathroom has gone viral. This left many people confused whether it is all one big prank. Because, ya know, WTF.

After Karalynn Dunton posted about shower onions, viewers were left confused as to what they actually are.

Is the TikTok Shower Onion video a prank?

TikTok creator, @karalynndunton uploaded a video on 4th of February and reached 6.2million views.

The TikToker was supposedly on a first date with a guy she met online, as she created a video explaining something unexpected that she stumbled across in the bathroom.

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In another of Karalynn’s videos, she shows herself biting into the onions. Because of this, viewers were even more confused and started to believe that video was just a prank.

A social media user responded to one of Karalynn’s Tweets stating:

“you’re not going to convince me this is a thing. It cant be. and I’m from weird places. I would know. I think…”

Several more videos were made by Karalynn following on from the #showeronion video, where she steals the boy’s onions and eats them. This made people think it was all a joke.

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Anyone else do this for the call back? 😳 #showeronion

♬ The Office – The Hyphenate

Karalynn later made a video texting the guy and giving ‘more evidence’ that shower onions are a real thing.


Here’s a reminder that women can text first too! He might also be feeling a little insecure 😮 #love #seconddate #showeronion #TrulyGlowingSelfieLove

♬ original sound – Karalynn Dunton

What are shower onions?

A common use for onions as a life hack is to absorb bad odours and smells.

A cleaning company safe space explains that leaving onions in a room overnight will absorb any nasty smells.

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At first, yes, it will smell like onions, but once left for a while will leave fresh clean smelling air.

Verified TikTok user, @hollyauna, uploaded a video briefly explaining what shower onions are used for when placed in a bathroom.


#stitch with @karalynndunton be honest did y’all know shower onions were a real thing? #onions #cleaning #bathroomcleaning

♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

TikTok examples

The popular TikTok hashtag, #showeronion, currently has 12.6 million views and if filled with content regarding the viral trend.

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Shower onions can also be used for pregnancy sickness, who knew?

TikToker named @ollierose_ shared footage of her relieving her pregnancy illness using shower onions.

@karalynnhunton duetted a video containing a student – Tiktok user making use of the shower-onion method.


#duet with @choccy.milk__ sometimes self care looks like carrying a bowl of onions down an empty hallway 🥰 #dormlife #showeronion #showeronions

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

Karalynn also featured a shower-onion video from her family in a recent TikTok.

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I LOVE @duntron and @karlathenapper but they sure do come up with some CRAZY ideas sometimes 😜 🤷🏻‍♀️ #family #groupchat #showeronion #showeronions

♬ _Cute – Gabe Lost

So, was this all one hilarious prank or is the guy just a cleaning freak with a hack none of us had thought of?

Continue exploring the shower onion trend and try it out for yourself!