What does CP mean on TikTok? Your disappearing profile pic explained!

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The internet is no stranger to having abbreviations become incredibly popular, but ‘CP’ is not only used on TikTok.

Some TikTok users have recently had their profile pictures greyed out or removed, and for some it is all to do with ‘CP’.

‘CP’ stands for child p**nography, and is reportedly the reason that some users are unable to change their profile pictures on the popular app.

Why profile pictures are disappearing from TikTok

For some users, as they have tried to change their profile picture on TikTok they have found that they were unable to do so.

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Some TikTok users noticed this new change yesterday saying that they had either lost their profile pictures or could not alter them.

Users took to other social media sites to vent their frustrations at the app and question what it was that was going on.

Why is this happening?

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According to reports, TikTok is in the process of removing users with explicit and pornographic pictures, particularly of under age individuals.

This is because one user had their private parts out in their profile picture, which has caused the ‘bots’ on TikTok to begin removing any profile pictures that are deemed explicit, even if they are not.

It is a temporary measure and TikTok is currently doing everything it can to make the app safe for its users, and profile pictures should return shortly.

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What does CP mean on TikTok?

CP stands for child p*rn, and it is being used because TikTok is going after the users who have explicit images in their profile pictures- often of minors.

Any users who have any form of CP in their profile pictures will result in immediate removal of the profile picture and potential removal of the account.

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TikTok users have been advised not to delete and re-install the app or to change their profile pictures.

In the meantime, users are still able to use the app for the ‘for you’ page and to view their favourite creators content, they will just not be able to change their profile picture until TikTok are finished making it safer for everybody.