Top 9 Facebook 2020: How to see your top nine moments of the year!

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

2020 is coming to a close, and people are looking at ways to present and celebrate their best nine moments of this year. Even though this year most people have been stuck in lockdown – there are still some memories of 2020 that are positive and to be shared.

Before moving on to 2021, and leaving 2020 in the past Facebook users are sharing their top nine photos from 2020, that had been uploaded onto Facebook or in their camera roll and share have some good memories.

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Facebook always celebrate milestones that being: your birthday, how long you’ve been friends with someone for, or how long you even been on Facebook. But now the milestone is the end of 2020

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

How it works

It’s simple. It’s a collage of all different moments, that being videos or pictures over the 2020 periods

You want to try and get lit moments within 2020 – this might be hard as everyone has been in lockdown – but you may still have fun and crazy memories from that time! Summer moments or Christmas moments work best.

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First, you need to select the top 9 moments of 2020 – this might be hard so look over your camera roll, photos from Facebook or other social medias.

How to get involved in the Top 9 Facebook 2020 trend

Then log into the Facebook app or open the app on your phone. If your on computer and want to upload from there:

Just click the plus sign at the top right, click it, and selected the photos option. Then select your chosen photos from 2020 either from Facebook or your photos.

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If you on your phone, open the app and you should see “what’s on your mind” and click photo under it – then open your camera roll, select your top 9 photos from 2020!

Another way you can do it is to download PicCollage and create a collage of your top nine photos.

PicCollage webste example

Dont forget to #topnine to join the trend the many others doing it aswell.

People doing the Top 9 Facebook:

Kerry Washington uploads her top 9 – including Chadwick Boseman who sadly passed in August 2020.

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This person selects already posted pictures from Facebook and asks her fans which one was their favorite.

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These are my #TopNine posts from 2020…which one was your favorite?

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