Snapchat: Big Tipper’s ‘mum video’ explained – Twitter reacts with support

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After fans were reminiscing over Big Tipper’s funny videos from 2014 – a video from his Snapchat surfaced of his mother shouting and screaming at him while he filmed himself looking sad and hurt.

It was a crazy but sad coincidence this video surfaced, as people many people were tweeting about Big Tipper and his funny public videos, that used to be very popular around 2014 to around 2016.

Where he would go up to strangers and troll them often using a Nigerian accent which people found funny.

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The video of Big Tipper has caused many people on social media to support him, as these funny videos from years back put a smile on many peoples faces. Big tipper has deleted his Twitter and Instagram – but has kept his Snapchat.

What happened in the Big Tipper mum video?

The video shows Big Tippers face looking disheartned while his mum is screaming at him in the background. He sits there not saying anything.

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His mum shouts in the background in Yuroba saying: “Leave my house, you disturb me, break things and that he’s a failure”

What sparked the internets compassion more – was her comments and comparisons with his friends. His mum said “they are making money and have good jobs” and he basically doesn’t and he should “leave the house”.

He then zooms into his face looking sad almost crying.

screenshot instagram @iUKgossiptv

The internet’s reaction to Big Tipper mum video

Popular comedian and a good friend to Big Tipper Dontjealousme (Toluope Ogumefun) shows his support for Big Tipper and reassures everyone is he is ok but needs professional help at this moment and time.

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This video shows comedian dontjealousme with Big Tipper after the situation and this person retweets finding this very nice from him and this video being more popular than the original.

This person is disgusted by the video and questions about how can his mum speak to him like that and the fact it’s her child.

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This person is not buying it! They feel the response from the internet shouldn’t be as blown up as it has been and touches on the comments of the weak new-generation… controversial one.