Twitter: Is the IDRLabs Difficult Person Test reliable? Your results explained!

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‘New year New me’ is the newest saying, but who is the current you?

IDLabs have bought out a new quiz that tells you whether you are a difficult person or not.

The test has got internet users running to the IDLabs website to try it out after one user has shared that they had participated in the quiz on Twitter.

But the question on everyone’s mind is ‘is my answer reliable?’

Who created the quiz?

The quiz was made on IDRLabs, which is an online website that is home to many different quizzes.

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According to’s General Information, they are a ‘Provider of individual personality assessment tests intended to determine individual personality types. The company’s tests are based on peer-reviewed scientific researches and are determined by professionals in the field accordingly, enabling individuals to discover their real selves.’

While there is no accessible information about who in particular created this quiz, the fact that it is on a popular site filled with other successful quizzes would indicate that there is some reliability in the results.

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Twitter Reactions

Users have to answer the 35 questions in the quiz honestly about themselves, using the slide bar that allows them to agree, disagree or place themselves in the middle.

There have been some hilarious Twitter reactions about people’s results on the quiz.

Most users have received a result that was not what they were expecting to get- and a lot of users have been told that they are ‘difficult to get along with’.

Here are some of the funniest reactions:

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This user’s result shows that he has scored highly on areas such as Aggression and Dominance, which has given him a 60.71% rating of being difficult to get along with!

This Twitter reaction is using the Kermit the Frog meme to show their disdain with their result from the quiz.

This Twitter user seems to be pretty happy with their result, as it says they are the most easy going in their friend group!

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