Why does my profile picture on TikTok keep disappearing?

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Many people on TikTok have an issue where their profile picture keeps on disappearing and the picture they upload does not save. This has been a common error for many TikTok users.

TikTok at the moment has this error, where when you try and change your profile picture or uploading it – it will not change or just disappear – leaving many users frustrated.

The issue happened yesterday (December 30th) and has carried on untill today. Usually, you can change your picture at any time or even upload a profile video – however, at the moment this is not the case and people are left with the default profile image

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Why does my profile picture on TikTok keep disappearing?

Peoples pictures on TikTok keep disappearing due to a minor being forced to uploading inappropriate pictures on their profile. But these indecent images have been seen on a few other profiles as well!

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This has caused TikTok to create bots and stop this from happening by taking down everyone’s profile picture and to stop these inappropriate images from being uploaded on these accounts and seen by many.

In fact, this is not even a glitch in the app – TikTok has banned profile pictures as not just one minor profile picture has these images but many other profiles have followed suit. So, to stop this from carrying on TikTok made everyone’s disappear.

Peoples reaction to profile pictures disappearing on TikTok

TikTok support tweeted about the issue – apologising and updating users on the issue.

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This person tweets their fustration on it – as hes an influencer and popular on social media this affecting him quite alot.

This person @’d TikTok and TikTok support on Twitter to try and get a response from them .

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This person warns people not to look out for profiles that are showing inappropiate pictures – which are causing this error on TikTok, he tells people to report them.

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How to fix your profile picture from dissapearing on TikTok

Unfourtunately, there is no way of fixing it! Due to it being TikTok themselves who are causing this issue there is no way of fixing it by yourself.

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But if yours hasn’t changed to the default profile image DO NOT change it and leave it because it will not change back.

Users are going to have to wait till there’s another update from TikTok or when they decide they want to allow profile pictures back on.