TikTok: What is the Plank with Puppies Challenge? 5 adorable examples!

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Another TikTok trend is taking the app by storm, and it includes fitness and fluffy dogs – what more could you want!

The latest TikTok trend is called the plank with puppies challenge and it involves doing exercise whilst your pet is present.

This challenge is a ‘spin-off’ challenge of the already viral plank challenge, but it involves a dog, and it makes it very cute to watch!

What is the Plank with Puppies Challenge?

The plank with puppies challenge is a TikTok trend based on the plank challenge, which sees users attempt to complete a fitness challenge in synchronisation with each other.

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The plank with puppies challenge involves doing to original plank challenge with a dog involved.

It doesn’t matter what dog you have, big or small, any canine can be a part of this TikTok challenge.

Plenty of fun for you and your furry friends!

How to get involved

All that users have to do to get involved in this challenge is to watch a few of the videos of the original plank challenge to learn the routine!

Once they have learned the routine, they just have to get their fluffy friends involved.
Users then must film themselves doing it, and post it on TikTok with the hashtag #puppyplankchallenge.

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They can then see how adorable their puppy looks as well as see the effects that the ab exercises have on them.

TikTok Examples

In this TikTok video, two people are trying the #plankchallenge and their dog gets involved!

Here, a user makes his own version of the plank challenge with his dog with hilarious results.

In this video it has a festive spin on it as two men and their furry friend take on the challenge!

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My Brother and Dad has to do the #updownplank with the dog! #workout #dance

♬ #PlankChallenge – (Null)

This video contains a ‘duet’ video, which is somebody reacting to someone else’s video and posting their response. Here, a user posts him planking with his golden retriever on his back!

Here is an outside puppy plank challenge with a user and his adorable pooch.